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How Much Data Does Fortnite Use for Downloads and during gameplay? Find out how much data you need to download and play Fortnite to avoid disturbing, surprise phone bills. Today, you’ll learn how to adjust your game settings to reduce data usage. During the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil, gymnastics champion Kohei Uchimura was shocked to learn he’d racked up $5,000 in roaming charges playing Pokemon Go between his competitions.

He isn’t the first gamer to be surprised by a costly phone bill at the end of the month. Anyone with a data limit is at least a little paranoid that they’ll end up like Uchimura.

Many online casino players like to bet on eSports, where there are competitions such as Fortnite. In addition, each online casino player does not mind trying himself playing Fortnite from his phone or an established broadband connection. But one way or another, you must monitor your data usage while playing Fortnite or spending time in a Lyra casino. Such entertainment usually requires 50 GB of data or less per month.

If you play Fortnite using your mobile or an installed broadband connection, keeping an eye on your data use is a good idea. Even if you don’t have a data limit, you’ll want to ensure you qualify as a “normal user” under your carrier’s Fair Usage Policy. This typically means using 50 GB of data or less per month.

How much data does Fortnite use? – Epic Games

Whatever data limit you’re trying to stay under, here’s how much Fortnite uses:

Epic Games Fortnite Download & Gameplay – 12+ MB per game

On Epic Games forums, gamers report using anywhere between 45 and 100 MB per hour playing Fortnite. A typical 15-minute game uses between 12 and 24 MB of mobile data. That isn’t bad. Since there are about 1,000 MB per GB, you’d need to play between 40 and 85 games of Fortnite to use just 1 GB of mobile data.

Different users report different usage statistics because the data you use during gameplay depends heavily on your game settings. To find out exactly how much your gameplay costs, monitor your data usage with your carrier (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile) during gameplay or use a free traffic monitoring application like Netlimiter to track bandwidth usage.

What if you monitor your bandwidth usage to find out you’re on the fast track to an overage charge? Reduce your usage quickly by adjusting your game settings. Whatever settings make the game run faster and also use less data. This means lower resolution, lower frame rate limit, shorter view distance, lower texture, and lower effects.

Adjust settings to use less data in Fortnite.

How Much Data Does Fortnite Use – Up to 20 GB

While it’s hard to use a lot of data playing Fortnite (it takes a serious time commitment), it isn’t hard to use a lot of data downloading the game onto your phone, computer, or game console. For example, the PC download for Battle Royale hovers dangerously close to 20 GB. The iOS download for that version, too, is a hefty 2 GB.

The download sizes for each gaming platform also increased often since Epic Games released so many patches for Fortnite. To keep track of the constantly changing download sizes, we suggest turning to relevant Epic Games forum topics. To minimize the impact of the game download on portable devices, we suggest connecting to public WiFi (in, for example, a library) before downloading.

Patches and updates are often 1+ GB each.

Epic Games releases many patches and updates for Fortnite, many of which have a download size of over 1 GB. These patches and updates can take a toll on your mobile data. To minimize the impact of these patches on portable devices, we suggest connecting to public WiFi before downloading them.


Get the right internet connection.

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