How much internet data does Hunt: Showdown use?

Hunt Showdown Game

In Hunt: Showdown, small teams of one to three players compete for survival in two online multiplayer modes. Unlike the game’s offline modes, these multiplayer modes use internet bandwidth. For gamers using a fixed mobile data or mobile hotspot connection, these modes can eat away at limited internet data.

To find out how much mobile data you use playing Hunt: Showdown, let’s take a closer look at how much data it takes to download, update, and play the game. Sick of always keeping track of the data you use playing online games? Switch to an unlimited fixed mobile data plan.

Hunt: Showdown game download size

The game download typically uses much more mobile data than updating or playing the game. Find out how big the Hunt: Showdown file size is on different platforms below. Keep in mind that file size is larger than download size (which is compressed), and that the file size of Hunt: Showdown will increase as developers add patches and updates to the game.

Platform File size
Microsoft Windows <20 GB
Playstation 4 TBR
Xbox One 22.43 GB

If you don’t have enough data available to download Hunt: Showdown without cutting into your monthly data limit, there’s an easy way to save data on the initial game download. Simply purchase the physical disk and install the game offline, instead of downloading the game online.

Hunt: Showdown game update size

Ubisoft releases patches and updates for Hunt: Showdown, which you can keep track of in the news blog. Updates often weigh in at one or two GBs. If you’re worried that an unexpected patch or update will push you over your monthly data limit, turn off auto-updates and manually install updates when you have data available (at the beginning of the month, for example).

Hunt: Showdown data use

Hunt: Showdown uses less than 300 MB of data per hour, which is more than the average online game. This is a high estimate. The number of players in the mode, your frame rate, the tick rate of your server, and whether or not you use voice chat all affect your actual data use.

  • The more players in a game, the more information – like player movement and stats – your internet network has to share with other players’ networks

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    . Hunt: Showdown likely uses more data than the average online game because it’s multiplayer modes include 12 players – which is on the higher end of the spectrum.

  • A higher frame rate refreshes the game more often, which makes it update faster. With a lower frame rate, you’ll use less data, but find it harder to react quickly to what’s happening in the game. You can adjust your frame rate (measured in FPS) in your game settings. To change your frame rate, you’ll need to disable vertical synch (V-Synch).
  • A 128-tick server, which refreshes the game 128 times per second, uses about twice as much data as a 64-tick server, which refreshes the game 64 times per second.
  • If you use voice chat, you’ll end up using much more data while you play. The game PUBG, for example uses less than 30 MB of data per hour without voice chat and 50 MB of data per hour with voice chat.

Upgrade to unlimited 4G LTE

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