10 Day Trial

EvdodepotUSA provides a 10 Day unlimited wireless Trial period for our wireless plans and routers to assure customers that we stand behind our products and services. The 10-day trial starts when you receive the hardware in the mail at your location. We will allocate the use of 6 Gigs during the trial period. This would allow you to stream up to 7.5 hours of movies and up to 5 MMO-based video games during the trial period free of charge.

What is the Purpose of the Trial Period?

The primary purpose of the 10 Day Trial period is to make sure the 4G LTE wireless router works properly at your location. We also need to make sure that the booster antenna (If ordered) is providing maximum connection for the network. If you are looking for a wireless internet provider that wants to make sure you are happy with your service, you are in the right place.

How Does the Wireless 3G and 4G LTE Network Work?

This is not satellite internet. This is a cellular network. There are four major cellular companies in the United States that provide Unlimited Voice, Data, and SMS to smartphones, wireless routers, and hotspots for connectivity throughout the continental USA.

EvdodepotUSA has access to these networks to provide you with voice and data services including bundled 4G LTE streaming, monitoring, Video gaming, cloud service, enhanced VoIP, and VPN access.

The wireless 3G and 4G LTE router sends and receives internet signals to the cellular tower located within 3-4 miles of your address to provide the required signal for wireless voice, data, or SMS connectivity. Wireless internet is the future of internet connectivity for machine-to-machine, Internet of things, voice, data, and SMS.

Our Flexible Unlimited Wireless 4G LTE Service Plans and Packages

EvdodepotUSA provides flexible 3g and 4G wireless service plans and packages starting from $59.00 monthly for 20 Gigabytes of usage to $249 for an unlimited data Plan. A custom service plan and bundle can also be created for small businesses based on their wireless applications and needs. If you ask us, we can find you a solution from one or more of our wireless partnerships.

Packaging, Testing and Returns | Test Drive, Don’t Break It

Our biggest concern during the 10 Day Trial is to make sure the router and any other device within the package(s) be returned in the same condition it was shipped. This is very important for our trial program. Most customers adhere to these simple rules:

  • Be responsible and careful with the equipment.
  • Remove packaging (crates and boxes carefully)
  • Do not crush the boxes or throw them out until you know it’s a keeper
  • We will charge up to $35 for a crushed/non-returned router casing.

When a 10 Day trial is initiated, we expect that the consumer or business will responsibly return (if the product does not meet customers’ expectations), the product(s) in the same condition it was shipped.

We will charge you for the router activation and the first month of subscription before shipping the product. If the performance is below par, just call us, get our return address, and return the product for a full refund minus the shipping cost with no questions asked. Please note, we do NOT require a 30-day cancellation notice during this trial period.

Returns and Refunds

When returns arrive from a trial session, our shipping department will process the packages and notify our billing department to process the refund. We process refunds daily as they come in. Allow 3-10 business days for bank processing.

Unlimited Wireless Router Activation & Warranty

The hardware for the program is heavily subsidized. The actual cost of the router or hotspot is twice what we charge for Activation and Warranty. The Activation and Warranty fee implies you can use the router or hotspot while the service is active. You are leasing the equipment from us, so when you cancel the service, you must return the device to us. During the term of your active account, we will replace and update the device when required.
We must constantly update the firmware for the device to remain functional on the respective wireless network.

Thank you!
The EvdodepotUSA Team