How much internet data does Madden NFL use?

Madden NFL data usage

While multiplayer mode is essential to Madden NFL 20, playing the game with other people also takes up your internet bandwidth. If you use an installed mobile broadband or mobile hotspot connection, playing online games in multiplayer modes can cut into your available online data and even push you over your monthly data limit.

To see if you’re in danger of using too much mobile data on Madden NFL 20, let’s take a closer look at the size of the game download, the size of game updates, and the amount of data you use per hour playing the game. As you calculate your data use, remember that the easiest way to stay under your monthly data limit is to switch from a limited to an unlimited mobile data plan.

Data use downloading Madden NFL 20

The initial game download uses much more mobile data than updating or playing the game. Here are the recent file sizes for Madden NFL 20 on Windows PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. Keep in mind that the download size is smaller than the file size (since it’s compressed), but that the file size increases over time as developers release patches and updates for the game.

Platform File size
Windows PC 48.5 GB
Xbox One 40.87 GB
Playstation 4 37.75 GB

If you’re worried that you don’t have enough mobile data to download the game on your current data plan, there’s an easy way to avoid using a lot of data on the download. Instead of downloading the game online, simply purchase the physical disk and install the game offline.

Data use updating Madden NFL 20

EA occasionally releases patches and updates for Madden NFL 20, which you can keep track of in the news section. These updates vary in size, but typically have a download size of about 1 or 2 GBs. If you’re worried about updates pushing you over your monthly data limit, turn off auto-updates and manually install updates when you have extra data.

Data use playing Madden NFL 20

Madden NFL 20 uses less than 125 MB of data per hour, which is a little more than average for an online game. The amount of data you use playing any online game depends on the number of players in your game mode, your frame rate, whether or not you use voice chat, and the tick rate of your server:

  • The more players in a game, the more data your internet network has to communicate with other players’ networks to share information like stats and location. So playing with 32 players in Franchise mode will use much more data than other multiplayer modes.
  • A higher frame rate refreshes the game more often, which makes it run faster. A lower frame rate saves you data, but makes it harder for you to react quickly in the game. You can adjust your frame rate (measured in FPS) in your game settings. To change your frame rate, you’ll need to disable vertical synch (V-Synch).
  • If you use voice chat, expect to use a lot more data during gameplay. Without voice chat, an online game like PUBG uses less than 30 MB of data per hour. With voice chat, it uses more than 50 MB of data per hour.
  • The tick rate of your server also affects your data use. A 128-tick server, which refreshes the game 128 times every second, uses about twice as much data as a 64-tick server, which refreshes the game 64 times every second.
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Upgrade to unlimited 4G LTE

If you want to play Madden NFL 20 without thinking about your mobile data use, consider switching to an unlimited 4G LTE connection with no monthly data limit and no bandwidth throttling (no matter how much data you use in a month). Call 866-439-6630 to find out more about our unlimited data plans for online gamers.