Router Setup Guide

Important Information

Congratulations for selecting EvdoDepotUSA as your wireless broadband service provider. Enclosed you will find some helpful tips for operation and set up. This router is fully provisioned for wireless connectivity and our easy set-up is as simple as plug and play. Please follow these simple instructions below.

  1. After unpacking your equipment pay attention to the antennas, two are designated for WIFI (2.4 GHz) and the other two are for cell tower connectivity. Be sure not to reverse antenna installation. Notice on the top of the router printed on the front (2.4GHz) toward the back of the router see (external 3G,4G) (a) If installing outdoor high gain MIMO antenna the cables will connect to the same rear router inputs.
  2. Look at the antenna by the connection and you will see 2.4G printed on the antenna. These two antennas are installed at the front of the router. Another identifier is that two of the antennas have male pin on the connector and the other two are female connections.
  3. Prior to positioning your equipment visit appropriate carrier ( AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Vodaphone or T-Mobile)Tower Map.
  4. This will show where your property is about their nearest cellular tower. You will notice different shades of yellow and the darker the shade the stronger the signal. If the stronger signal is to the North of the property it is advisable to install the equipment closet to a north facing window and so on to the south, east and west. Keep in mind that the property elevation and topography will play a role in signal reception.
  5. Another resource is a FREE APP for your cell phone “Open Signal” this app will allow you to select a carrier. Select the appropriate carrier (ATT, Sprint, Vodaphone, T-Mobile, Verizon or Sprint) it will show you the heaviest concentrations of signal in your area and from the direction of where signal is coming from.
  6. Once you have connected antennas and found an adequate home for your router it’s time to plug it in. When connecting a device to the router via Ethernet Cable use ports 1 through 4 (yellow) While this router is provisioned for wireless you may also use your own wireless router to plug in here as well. Your Network SSID and Password will be emailed to you by
  7. Caution never use the reset function on the back of this device. It will disable the unit. If the unit has to be sent back for provisioning there will be a $75.00 fee plus shipping. Also never remove SIM card from the device or it will be disabled.

If you have any questions regarding this information please call 1-866-439-6630