Sensors To Monitor Office Buildings

Sensors To Monitor Office Buildings & Co-Working Spaces

Refrigeration Alerts

Utilize EvdodepotUSA's sensors to monitor real-time temperature conditions within freezers, food storage areas, and walk-in coolers to ensure proper food storage and safety. Also, monitor door opening and closing.

Sensors to Monitor and Detect Motion

Monitor for movement of objects, people, or animals in real-time. Also, check ambient temperature and light to ensure occupancy comfort.

Sensors To Monitor Office Buildings & Co-Working Spaces

Sensors to Monitor Doors

Receive a text message alert if a door should remain opened or closed for 10 minutes

Service Request Button

Press the button for stock refilling, service, or IT support. A single press of the button will send out a notification for assistance.

Smoke Detector

Wireless smoke sensors detect smoke with a superior range. The wireless sensors last for three-plus years of battery life and offer an excellent range, ease of installation, and Wi-Fi compatibility.

Panic Alert System

Provide safety for employees and customers. Place panic alert buttons under desks, on walls, and on lanyards. When activated, they send out a text or email alert notifying of an emergency.

Detect Leaks

Receive water alerts if moisture is detected around appliances, near water heaters, sinks, bathrooms, or utility closets to avoid expensive repairs.

Bin Alerts

Wireless sensors alert if the bins are empty or full, falling, or exposed to flames.

Sensors to Monitor Occupancy of Desk

Place sensors under decks to determine how long someone sits and determine if the space is being used frequently or infrequently.

Gas Sensors

Monitor gases such as CO2 at PPM (parts per million). The ensures are specially built and designed for each specific use.

Sensors to Monitor Feedback

Use a customizable connected button or dashboard to obtain customer feedback and collect data for surveys and more.

Check Tank Levels

Sensors check tank levels in gran bins, water levels, and other areas where the sensor can sit above the surface of the substance to check the rise and fall. Receive reports and alerts about the changing levels.

Double Button for Service

Request service with a two-button sensor. Replenish items or request IT service or maintenance with a push of a button.