How to find the nearest cellular tower

locate nearest cell tower

With the right antenna setup, you can establish a strong internet connection in an area with poor cellular coverage. The key to a strong connection? Locate nearest cellular tower and connect to it using a directional antenna, like our Super Duo-Yagi MIMO Antenna.  This antenna setup minimizes signal loss and maximizes potential internet speeds.

Locating the nearest cellular tower is a three step process:

  1. Identify your local cellular carriers.
  2. Find the nearest cellular tower on a map.
  3. Pinpoint the direction of the nearest tower.

Read on for more about each step.

Identifying local cellular carriers

Many maps of cellular towers filter results by cellular carrier. Make finding the nearest tower a more manageable task by identifying local carriers off the bat. This information helps you narrow the scope of your search by filtering out carriers that don’t offer service where you live.

Discover which cellular carriers cover you by following the links under “Check Availability” in the drop-down menu, or go directly to the Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, or AT&T coverage maps.

Locate nearest cellular tower

To find the nearest cellular tower, turn to a map like the one available on Maps, like this one, mark the locations of tens of thousands of cellular towers worldwide. These maps are a great resource for anyone looking to locate the nearest tower to, literally, anywhere.

Here’s how to find the nearest tower on (other maps have a similar setup):

  1. Filter your results by “Provider” and “Network.”
  2. Do a “Location Search” or zoom in on your location to see all nearby towers.
  3. Estimate the direction of the nearest tower relative to where you live (the top of the map is north).

Pinpointing the direction of the nearest tower

Now it’s time to find the nearest cellular tower in real life. Use a compass (or a compass app) to estimate the direction of the tower you found using the map. You’ll want to install your directional antenna on the side of your building closest to the tower. So, if the tower is located to the south, you’ll want to install your antenna on the southern side of the building.

Sometimes, obstructions or changes in elevation affect coverage. Even if you know where the nearest tower is, it doesn’t hurt to survey the nearby area for the best signal strength before you install your antenna. Use a phone in field test mode or an app like OpenSignal to find the strongest signal on your property.

Once you’ve mounted your antenna, you can pinpoint the exact location of the nearest tower by connecting a phone in field test mode to the antenna and, then, slowly rotating it, stopping to take a reading every 10 degrees. Lock your antenna down in the direction with the strongest signal to establish the most direct connection with a nearby tower.

Pinpointing the direction of the nearest cellular tower

Get started

Build a strong local network–even when local cellular coverage is iffy–by successfully locating and connecting to the nearest cellular tower with a directional antenna.

For help choosing the antenna setup that’s right for you, contact us at 866-439-6630.