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How much data does Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 use?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is a fast-paced, first-person shooter with constant multiplayer action. Even though every Black Ops 4 mode is multiplayer, the game doesn’t use as much mobile data as you might think. Even so, if you’re playing the game on a mobile connection like 4G LTE, you might need to monitor your data use to keep it below your monthly limit.

Here’s how much mobile data you can expect to use playing, downloading, and updating Black Ops 4 on PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One. Note that these numbers will change slightly with each patch and update to the game:

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Data Usage – Photo by Whelsko

Playing Black Ops 4 uses 40 MB of data per hour

Black Ops 4 uses about 40 MB of mobile data per hour. This means you’d have to play for 24 hours straight to use 1 GB of data on the game. Some game modes, however, use data more quickly because they include more players. For example, the game’s battle royal mode, Blackout, has room for up to 100 players and uses about 80 MB of data per hour.

To find out how much mobile data you use playing Black Ops 4, check your data use with your carrier (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile) before and after you play. For more exact figures, monitor the data use of your gaming console through your router or check the bandwidth usage of your Xbox in the console’s network settings.

If you want to minimize your data use without playing less, try switching to a less populated game mode or adjusting your game settings. Any change to a game setting that makes the game run faster will likely also save you data. To reduce your data use quickly, try turning off anti-aliasing and setting your frame rate to less than 144 FPS.

Call of Duty Black Ops Download & Game Updates

At launch, the download size for the standard edition of Black Ops 4 was 55 GB for PC, 51.42 GB for PlayStation 4, and 45.65 GB for Xbox One. If you need to keep your data use low, don’t download Black Ops 4 online. Instead, purchase the disk and install the game on your console offline. This step is essential if you want to have any data left over to play the game.

Call of Duty Black Ops Download & Game Updates – Photo by Whelsko

Black Ops 4 updates are sometimes more than 10 GB

Back in October, Black Ops 4 came with a day-one update of about 50 GB for all consoles. Luckily, subsequent patches and updates haven’t been as large. Even so, the Black Ops 4 Update Version 1.03 (released later in October) was about 9 GB for PlayStation 4. Black Ops 4 updates aren’t small, so if you’re using a laptop, turn off auto-updates and use public Wi-Fi (in a library, for example) to download updates.

How to play Black Ops 4 on a 4G LTE connection

Today, wireless internet connections like 4G LTE are fast enough to support online gaming. For gamers who use 4G LTE as their primary internet connection, faster speeds open up new opportunities to play complex multiplayer games like Black Ops 4. Here’s how 4G LTE speeds compare to Xbox One’s minimum internet speeds, for example:

Minimum internet speeds for online gaming

Average 4G LTE internet speeds

Download speed 3 Mbps 5-12 Mbps
Upload speed 500 Kbps 2-5 Mbps
Latency 150 milliseconds 70 milliseconds

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Online Data Usage

While a 4G LTE connection is fast enough to support online gaming, mobile broadband connections often have a fixed amount of mobile data.  If you’re sick of watching how much data you use every time you sit down to play Black Ops 4, consider investing in an unlimited 4G LTE connection.

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