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4G LTE & 5G Subscription Kits

A high-speed wireless broadband subscription bundle for remote workers, students, and small businesses in the under-served and unserved rural markets. Chose a 300 GB, 500 GB or 1 Terabyte Bundle. Includes a wireless router, a high-speed data plan and a lifetime certified hardware warranty.

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4G - 5G Failover Data Plans

Whether you have fiber, DSL, cable, cellular, or satellite internet, there will be outages no matter what. No internet service can guarantee flawless service with 100% uptime. This bundle comes with a wireless router and a subscription plan to provide your business connectivity during a broadband blackout

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Discounted 4G LTE Routers

Buy certified pre-owned & refurbished 4G LTE and 5G Wireless routers that include Mofi-4500, Pepwave BR1, NetGear, and ReadyNet wireless routers with embedded Sierra Wireless modules. All routers have been tested and have a 60-day warranty. Do you already have a sim card? Buy a discounted router!

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Evdo-240 Coax Cables

Evdo-240 coax cable is the equivalent of the LMR-240 cable low loss cable. A coaxial cable with low loss and is used to connect antennas, radio transmitters, and receivers. It is fitted with a N-type Male, and a sma Male connector. Comes in 30-, 50-, 75- and 100-feet configurations.

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Cellular Booster Antenna Kits

The bundle includes a dual-Yagi MIMO or a panel MIMO antenna configuration with a 50-foot Evdo-240 coax cable. The antennas work on frequencies ranging from 598-700 Mhz. Please speak to an account manager to confirm your cable length and coverage map isolation.

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Wireless Signal Extenders

A signal extender is a small or large device that enables a radio frequency signal to be transmitted into dead spots or zones in an office, home, or industrial environment for better reception by surrounding devices.

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