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Check Refrigeration

Check the temperature conditions on all food storage areas, walk-in coolers, and freezers to keep things safe. Also, benefit from open/close door monitoring.

Detect Motion

Quickly detect any motion from animals, people, or objects in real time. Also, stay current on ambient temperate to keep occupants comfortable.

Monitor Doors

Receive a notification if a door is opened or closed for 10 minutes. A text message automatically alerts and reminds to close the door.

Service Button

Request service with a single press of the button to alert when stock needs to be refilled or when to place a replenishment order.

Monitor for Smoke

Using wireless smoke sensors, monitor for smoke. The sensor has a three-year plus battery, excellent range, easy installation, and secure Wi-Fi.

Panic Button Alert

Maintain safety for customers and staff. Place panic buttons on walls, under desks, and affixed to lanyards. After activation, an emergency text or email is sent.

Leak Alert

Receive an alert if water or moisture is detected around an appliance, water heater, bathroom, sink, or utility closet to avoid damage that can lead to costly repairs.

Waste/Bin Notifications

Wireless sensors are retrofitted inside indoor and outdoor bins to detect if the bin is empty or full and indicate if flames are sensed.

Desk Sensors

Detect desk or table occupancy with sensors that determine how long the space has been occupied and utilized.

Monitor Gas

Stay safe with wireless sensors that measure the amount of CO2 and other gases at parts per million (PPM). The specially designed sensors promote safety.

Check Feedback

Monitor and check customer feedback with the customizable dashboard or button which collects information quickly and effortlessly.

Monitor Tank Levels

Uses sensors to monitor water tank levels, grain bins, and other locations where the sensors are placed above the surface to pick up any changes in the rise and fall. Receive alerts and reports about level changes.

Request Service

Press the button to request service such as maintenance or IT or to replenish stock with the 2-button sensors in place