Food Service

Cafeteria, Restaurants, Hospitals – Pharmacies – Labs – Clinics

Monitor Refrigeration

Stay current on temperature changes in walk-in coolers, food storage areas, and freezers to ensure proper food safety. Includes open/closed door monitoring.

Door Monitoring

Receive a text message notification whenever a door is left open or closed for 10 minutes.

Detect Motion

Monitor the movements of animals, people, and objects in real-time along with ambient temperature and light tracking for optimum comfort.

Smoke Sensing

Smoke sensors with three-plus-year battery life and are completely wireless to ensure compliance. Provides easy installation (no complicated wires) superior range and Wi-Fi security.

Detect Leaks

Receive alerts any time water is detected near appliances, water heaters, bathrooms, sinks, and utility closets to avoid costly repairs.

Single Button Service Request

When supplies dwindle, staff and customers can push the button to send an alert to restock.

Monitor Waste Bins

Indoor and outdoor waste bin monitoring with wireless sensors affixed to existing bins to send out alerts when the bin is full/empty, falling, or at risk of fire.

Monitor Gas

Monitor CO2 and other gases at parts per million (PPM) with wireless sensors.

Survey and Feedback Results

Using a customizable dashboard or button, obtain customer feedback.

Service Request Button

With a two-button sensor, request a replenishment on items, maintenance, or IT service. Simply push the button to obtain the service.