Hospitals, Pharmacies, Labs, Clinics & Urgent Care

Consistent Refrigeration Checks

Regularly check temperature changes of freezers, cold food storage areas, and freezers to ensure food safety. Includes monitor of all doors closing and opening.

Ambient Temperature Monitoring

Rapid changes in temperature and humidity cause equipment malfunction, material damage, and goods spoilage. Regularly monitor the ambient conditions in each room to protect inventory.

Door Alerts

Receive notification whenever a door is opened or closed for an extended time. If the door should remain open for 10 minutes, an automatic text alert is sent directly to security to advise slicing the door.

Detect motion

Motion detection alerts to any movement of objects, people or animals indoors combined with ambient temperature checks and light tracking to maintain comfort and stay up to date on occupancy.

Smoke Sensing

Wireless smoke detection with a battery life of three-plus years to ensure compliance without wiring. Offers optimum range, easy installation, and greater security than Wi-Fi.

Alert System with Panic Button

Keep employees and customers safe. Position buttons on walls, beneath desks, or affixed to lanyards. Upon activation, an alert is sent via text message and email if an emergency should occur.

Detection of Leaks

If water is detected near appliances, beside skinks, in bathrooms, or around hot water heaters then an alert is sent to avoid expensive repairs.

Single Button Service Request

Easy, single push button request any time stock requires a refill. An alert goes out to the appropriate party to replenish the supply.

Door Barricade Alert

Ensure staff protection in the event of an intruder incident. Discover when a lockdown occurs, visualize the building remotely and act quickly. Works effectively with Night Lock.

Monitor Waste/Bin

Monitor indoor and outdoor bin status. Wireless sensors are affixed to existing bins to detect possible flames, falling, or empty/full status.

Desk Ownership

Sensors positioned under the tables help determine when and for how long individuals spend sitting at the desk or table. Useful for monitoring the frequency the space is used.

Gas Alerts

Monitor CO2 and a multitude of other gases at PPM (parts per million) using wireless sensors. The specialized sensors have been designed for specific uses.

Receive Feedback/Survey

With the placement of a small, fully customizable button or dashboard collect feedback easily. \

Monitor Tank Levels

Sensors effectively measure grain bin and water levels. The sensor is positioned above the surface to monitor the rise or fall of levels. Receive reports and alerts when the levels change.

Request Service Via Double Button

Two button sensors placed within a facility send forth a request for replenishment of items or when services are required such as maintenance or IT. With a simple push button, you can make a request.