How much data does PUBG use?

how much data does pubg download and playing use

If you use the  PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG download) on a phone, a mobile hotspot, or installed mobile broadband connection, you probably keep an eye on your data use to avoid throttled speeds and extra fees. Gaming on an internet connection with a data cap can be a challenge, but–luckily–it isn’t always difficult.

By adjusting your PUBG settings to optimize gameplay and by being smart about game downloads, patches, and updates, you can enjoy uninterrupted PUBG all month long. The first step? Knowing how much data you’re using when you play, download, and update PUBG.

A PUBG game uses 15-50 MB of data

On forums, gamers say they use between 15 and 50 MB of data per 20- to 30-minute game of PUBG on mobile. The amount of data that different players use in a game varies widely depending on the platform they use to play and depending on their game settings.

When it comes to game settings, voice chat has a particularly strong effect on your data use.  An hour of PUBG without voice chat, for example, uses less than 30 MB of data. With voice chat, that same hour of gameplay would use 50 MB of data. If you use voice chat, then, expect to use as much as 100% more data.

To discover just how much data your gameplay uses, monitor your data usage with your carrier (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile) or, if you’re playing on a PC, track your bandwidth usage with a free traffic monitoring application like Netlimiter.

If you need to reduce your usage quickly, just adjust your game settings. As a general rule, the settings that make the game load faster also use less data. You might consider:

  • Turning anti-aliasing off or setting it to very low
  • Setting post-processing to low
  • Setting effects to low
  • Turning V-Sync off

Image By Whelsko
Image By Whelsko

The PUBG download uses 1.6-25 GB of data

While it’s hard to use a lot of data playing PUBG, it isn’t hard to use a lot of data downloading the game onto your computer. These are, currently, the download sizes of PUBG on all platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows: 19 GB
  • Xbox One: 14.5 GB
  • Playstation 4: 25 GB
  • Android: 1.6 GB
  • iOS: 2.2 GB

The PUBG download sizes are, also, constantly growing, since PUBG Corporation frequently releases patches for the game. If you’re using a portable device to play PUBG, we suggest connecting to public WiFi (in, for example, a library) before downloading the game.

PUBG updates use 25 MB to 13 GB of data

PUBG updates vary in size, depending on what they contain. Minor updates typically use about 25 MB, but major updates (which typically come out every month) use between 4 and 13 GB of data. If you have the option, we’d suggest connecting to public WiFi before downloading these larger updates if you’re using a portable device.

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Image By Whelsko
Image By Whelsko