How much data does Fallout 76 use?

data usage for fallout 76 update and play

Fallout 76 is role-playing game where characters interact with each other in a vast open world. Because dozens of players play on the same server, you can end up using a lot of mobile data playing Fallout 76. If you’re playing on a mobile connection like 4G LTE, you might need to monitor your data use to keep it below your monthly limit.

Here’s how much mobile data you can expect to use playing, downloading, and updating Bethesda’s Fallout 76 on your PC, Playstation 4, or Xbox One. These numbers will change slightly with each patch and update to the game.

Playing Fallout 76 uses around 60 MB of data per hour

When you play Fallout 76, you use about 60 MB of mobile data per hour. Some players, however, report much higher data use playing the game. Because Fallout 76 is typically a multiplayer game, the data use often depends on the number of other players on the server. Servers with more players use more data.

To estimate how much mobile data you use, check your data use with your carrier before and after you play. To monitor your data use over time, use an application that tracks bandwidth use through your router or, if you’re using an Xbox, see the network settings for information about your bandwidth usage.

To minimize your data use, try playing in single-player mode or adjust your game settings so that playing Fallout 76 uses less data. Any change to a game setting that reduces lag will likely also save you data. To quickly reduce your use, try turning off anti-aliasing and lowering the quality of your graphics.


Downloading Fallout 76 uses around 45 GB of data

At launch, the download size for Fallout 76 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One was:

  • PC: 48 GB
  • Playstation 4: 44 GB
  • Xbox One: 45 GB

For someone on a limited mobile broadband connection, 50 GB isn’t a small amount of data. If you need to keep your data use low, don’t download Fallout 76 from the internet. Instead, install the game on your computer or console offline from a disk.

Fallout 76 updates sometimes use more than 50 GB of data

Back in November, the day-one patch for Fallout 76 was actually bigger than the game itself. Since then major updates have all hovered around 50 GB, since, every time, they replace the old game completely. Fallout 76 updates aren’t small, so, if you’re using a laptop, turn off auto-updates and use public Wi-Fi (in a library, for example) to download updates.

Bethesda does, however, also release smaller patches for Fallout 76. The patch, for example, had a download size of just 3 MB for PS4 and Xbox One and 36 MB for PC.


How to play Fallout 76 on a 4G LTE connection

Today, wireless internet connections like 4G LTE are finally fast enough to support online gaming. For gamers who use 4G LTE as their primary internet connection, faster speeds open up new opportunities to play complex multiplayer games like Fallout 76. Here’s how 4G LTE speeds compare to the minimum internet speeds for online gaming.

Minimum internet speeds for online gaming Average 4G LTE internet speeds
Download speed 3 Mbps 5-12 Mbps
Upload speed 500 Kbps 2-5 Mbps
Latency 150 milliseconds 70 milliseconds

While a 4G LTE connection is fast enough to support online gaming, most mobile broadband connections come with a fixed amount of mobile data. If you’re sick of counting your MBs every time you sit down to play Fallout 76, consider switching to an unlimited 4G LTE connection. To get started, call 866-439-6630.

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