Grow Your Rural Business with Online Video

At any given moment, most people using the internet on their phone, tablet, or computer are streaming video. In fact, online video now makes up a full 80% of worldwide internet traffic. By including online video in your digital marketing efforts, your rural business can reach the many people looking for video content online.

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Online Video to Grow Brand Awareness and Make Sales

There are many ways to utilize online video in your rural business’s marketing efforts:

Place promotional videos and testimonials on a platform like YouTube to bring new customers to your business from that platform. These customers will likely find your content through search, so make sure you search-engine optimize the text descriptions for your videos.

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Boost your online conversion rate by integrating video content into your business’s website. Websites with video content have an average conversion rate of 4.9%, which is almost 100% higher than the 2.9% average for websites without video content.

Link to video in your promotional emails to improve your click-through rate. A video link in an email increases the click-through rate of that email by between 100% (for an introductory email) and 300%.

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Drum up excitement for an event with live video on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. Four in five of internet users watch video on Facebook Live and two in three live-video viewers are more likely to buy a ticket to a future event after watching a live video of a similar event.

Brand awareness is often an issue for isolated rural businesses, since fewer customers encounter your business daily compared to urban businesses. Increase brand awareness and conversions by utilizing online video in different ways.

Create Quality Video Content by Telling Compelling Stories

Before anyone makes an online purchase or visits your rural business, they need to know that your brand exists. In your online videos, tell a compelling and consistent brand story that shows people what their lives could look like if they purchased your product, service, or solution.

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There are many ways to tell your brand story, but video is probably the most effective way. In fact, four in five people would rather watch a video about your business than read a blog post about it. Four in five people would also rather watch a live video about your business than read your business’s social media posts.

People also like to learn about your products, services, or solutions with exploratory videos. A potential customer is 400% more likely to prefer watching a video about a product than to prefer reading about a product.

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While people generally prefer video to other online content, the quality of the video’s content and production matter a lot. People only spend their time watching live video if the content is compelling and two in three people say the production quality of a live video is the most important thing about it.

A poor-quality video is often worse than no video at all. In fact, one in four people are actually less likely to purchase from your business if you produce poor-quality video content.

Help Your Online Video Content Go Viral

As many as 92% of people who watch online video on their phones share that content with others, so the right content can end up going far. Whether your business is looking to reach a local audience or a global one, there are a few things that you can do to help your online videos resonate with the people they reach:

Think about the relevance and timeliness of your videos. Target certain videos to certain people through email marketing and, whenever possible, stream video live. Live video is often more interesting to people than video on demand because it’s happening right now.

Your videos don’t necessarily have to be short, but, if they’re long, make sure they’re engrossing. The optimal length for a video depends on both the video content and the platform people watch your video on. People will, for example, spend far more time watching a live stream on a desktop computer than looking at a video on their phone.

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A great internet connection is key to producing quality online video. Get in contact with us today to learn more about our 4G LTE solutions for rural businesses.

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