Why Invest in a Custom Solar System?

Solar energy has become a must-have for many people seeking sustainability and freedom from the excessive cost of energy. The clean and renewable energy source can help with your carbon footprint and save you money. When you first start researching solar systems, you might look at home improvement stores to buy a packaged system but ideally, you should consider a custom solar system to meet your energy needs.

In most cases, a custom solar system will include the following:

  • \Solar Panels (the number and type will vary depending on your particular energy needs and the size of your home or business). The solar panels contain PV cells which absorb the energy of the sun to create electrical charges.
  • Storage Battery (some systems will require more than one storage battery) The storage battery effectively stores energy, so you have electricity on cloudy days and during the night hours.
  • Charger. A charger supplies electricity to the solar batteries and devices in the home that require electricity.
  • Inverter. The inverter effectively converts DC (direct current) into AC (alternating current).
  • 4AWG cables which are used to connect to the solar systems various components.

Benefits of a Custom Solar System

There are many benefits of a custom solar system.

  • A Custom Solar System Will Save You Money
  • You’ll save money on your energy bill with a custom solar system. Tax credits, incentives, and rebates abound at the local, state, and federal level. In many areas, you can even sell energy back to the grid.
  • Eco-friendly and Sustainable.
  • With climate change impacting the world, many people are concerned about their carbon footprint and are striving to live in an eco-friendlier fashion.
  • Solar provides a clean, renewable energy source. A custom solar system helps you break away from dirty fossil fuels.

Longevity With Little Maintenance

Most custom solar systems will last at least 20 years with truly little maintenance. You’ll need to ensure that dirt and debris do not build up on the panels. Dirt and grime can impact the panel’s ability to utilize the sun’s UV rays which will cause your energy production to take a nosedive.

Increases the Home’s Value

Yes, the initial investment on a custom residential solar system is expensive, but the system does increase your home’s value in most situations. A home with a custom solar system usually enjoys a higher resale value then comparable residences that lack a system. Solar energy has become a valuable commodity and can prove a huge benefit by bolstering your home’s value.

Energy When You Need It

With a custom home solar system, you are not at the mercy of traditional power sources. If a blackout should occur, you’ll still have power because you’ll be generating your own electricity through your installed solar panels.

With a custom solar system, you never have to worry about running out of power because when the sun shines, you’ll have power and with battery backups you’ll have electricity even when the sun does not shine. The peace of mind of having unlimited and reliable power is a huge advantage for most families.

Ease of Installation

With a custom solar system, you’ll pick the size and necessary components to fit your home’s energy needs. The system is easy to install almost anywhere. With a custom system, you don’t need to buy a huge or oversized system. You can invest in exactly what your home needs for energy production. If money is a concern, you can also start out with a small home solar system and then add to it when your budget allows the additional investment.

Even if your home is in a remote location that is far removed from the grid, you can still install a custom home solar system at an affordable cost. In fact, a solar system is an excellent option for areas where electrical distribution lines do not run or are too expensive to have run.

Cons of a Custom Home Solar System

As with any system, there are cons.

  • A solar system does not produce energy during the night hours, so you’ll need batteries to ensure you have electricity.
  • Custom home solar systems are expensive.
  • Many think the solar panels look unsightly.
  • Homeowners’ associations often do not allow solar panels.
  • Not all roofs are positioned correctly to attain maximum sun exposure.

Determining Wattage for Your Home

When investing in a custom solar system, you’ll need to determine the wattage needed by dividing the hourly wattage by the daily peak sunlight hours. The process provinces you with the amount of energy that you’ll need your solar panels to produce very hour. In most cases, a U.S. home requires 900 kWh/month and needs at least five peak sunlight hours every day to attain 6,000 watts.

With custom home solar system, you decide the size you need, the number of panels, and what you can afford. Everything is fully customizable to fit your current needs and can be improved later to meet any growing energy needs. Investing in a custom solar system lets you start saving money with a sustainable energy source on which you can depend.