What is fixed wireless internet in Rural Communities?


What is fixed wireless internet in Rural Communities?

Almost one in four people in rural areas never go online because they don’t have access to wired internet like cable or DSL where they live. Fixed wireless internet is available almost everywhere, including remote areas without cable internet.

Wi-Fi router

Fixed wireless internet is a wireless router connected to 5G or 4G LTE. Like a cell phone or hotspot, it uses cellular radio waves to get online data to and from the nearest cell tower. Anyone within 45 miles of a cell tower can access fixed wireless internet, which is why 4G LTE availability tops 90% on all nationwide networks and why T-Mobile 5G already covers 200 million people. To compare, the cable option XFINITY from Comcast only covers 110 million people.

Comparing internet speeds

5G and 4G LTE networks are fast enough to rival cable internet speeds, even in rural areas. 5G reaches download speeds of up to 34 Mbps in rural areas, and rural 4G LTE speeds can often top 20 Mbps. Upload speeds are also impressive. 5G has an average upload speed of around 14 Mbps, while 4G LTE has a slightly higher average upload speed of around 16 Mbps.

Fixed wireless internet is much faster than rural options, like satellite internet, due to its lower latency or “ping” time. Mobile data has an average ping time of just 35 milliseconds, compared to an average of more than 600 milliseconds for satellite internet. A shorter ping reduces lags and makes the reality of fixed wireless internet faster than satellite internet – even when the two options claim to have the same download and upload speeds.

How to install fixed wireless internet

There’s no reason to have a technician visit your home or business to install a fixed wireless network on your property. It’s easy to establish a wireless connection on your own. Just plug the router into any outlet in your building. Once it’s on, you can connect all your devices – including your phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers – to the router’s Wi-Fi network.

Cropped image of grandson setting up Wi-Fi router in the apartment of his grandmother

Data caps for wireless internet

Some wireless internet plans are unlimited, while others come with data caps. Because these are typically home or business connections, not personal connections like a cell phone, these wireless internet plans usually have much higher data caps. To determine which program is right for you, calculate how much data you use for streaming video, calling, and gaming.

Get fixed internet for your rural home or business

In rural areas, finding an internet option fast enough to use at home or in business isn’t always easy. Fixed wireless internet is usually the best option for people without wired internet coverage and those looking for a wireless failover option.

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