Do Retail Shops Require 4G LTE internet Failover?

retail shops require 4G LTE

Do Retail Shops Require 4G LTE Internet Failover?

Do Retail Shops Require 4G LTE Internet Failover? Almost 75% of businesses experience some downtime yearly due to internet outages – and the average business loses more than 40 hours, or five whole business days, of work.

4G network

Because internet outages are common, most retail shops will benefit from an internet failover – a backup internet option that keeps you online when your primary connection is down. It protects your store from outages due to system failure, network traffic, or damaged cables.

A failover internet option gives you uninterrupted access to the online applications you need to serve customers, make sales, and keep your business safe. With a reliable failover, you can continue making sales when you might typically have to turn down customers.

Make Outbound Calls and Sales During a Broadband Outage

Many retail businesses use online applications to manage inventory and make online sales – which is why an internet outage can bring essential parts of your operations to a standstill. Even a short internet outage can lead to delayed deliveries and disappointed customers.

People also increasingly expect businesses to offer them online services, even when they visit your physical location. For example, if customers can’t use mobile payments at your business because the internet is down, they’re between 10% and 15% less likely to make a purchase.

An internet failover keeps your payment system online and enhances VoIP calls, so you’ll never have to deny a customer transaction just because your primary internet connection can’t process it. A more reliable payment system can increase sales and customer trust in your retail business.

Keep Your Monitoring Security System on During Outage

Many business owners use an online security system to protect their retail shops from theft and vandalism. These security systems let you monitor your shop remotely to prevent inventory loss during and after hours, but they only work if you have a stable internet connection.

Most outages are accidental, but sometimes people intentionally sabotage your connection to break into your business undetected. A failover connection keeps your security system online, even if a thief or vandal cuts through your wired internet connection during a break-in.

Retail Shops Require 4G LTE Internet failover.

Internet outages are more common than ever, making it harder to rely on a cable or fiber internet connection. To avoid outages, many businesses install a backup wireless internet connection. These wireless connections are more resilient than typical wired connections.

Fixed mobile internet is installed on a 4G LTE wireless internet router that provides a Wi-Fi connection – just like any other router. Like a cell phone or hotspot, this router provides 5G or 4G LTE mobile internet via cell towers, although it’s stronger than those connections.

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