How much data does Anthem use?

How much data does Anthem use

In Anthem, up to four players can share a single contiguous open world. This online multiplayer mode – along with the always-online single player mode – both use internet data, so if you play Anthem on a capped internet connection, you may need to keep an eye on your data use.

Let’s take a closer look at how much data it takes to download, update, and play Anthem on Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. Of course, the easiest way to stay below your monthly data cap while you play Anthem is to get fixed wireless internet with a high data cap.

Anthem download size

Download size is the amount of online data it takes to add a game to your computer or console, while file size is the space the game takes up on your hard drive once you’ve installed it. Download size is almost always at least 50% less than file size, since developers typically compress game files with archive formats like “.zip” or “.rar” so they download faster.

Platform File size
Microsoft Windows <50 GB
Playstation 4 31.63 GB
Xbox One 58.21 GB

Keep in mind that the size of the game will increase over time as BioWare releases updates. Also, if you install the game from a physical disk, the installation won’t use internet data.

How much data does Anthem use
Image from BioWare

Anthem update size

The Anthem Day One Patch is 7 GB on PC and 5 GB on Xbox. For information about recent patches, see the Anthem Update Notes from Electronic Arts. If you’re worried that a large game update could push you over your capped data limit, turn off auto-updates in your game settings and only download updates and patches when you’re sure you have enough data.

Anthem data use

Anthem uses around 85 MB of data per hour, but data use varies based on the number of players, whether or not you use voice chat, the tickrate of the game server, and your client update rate.

  • The more players in a game, the more data – like location. movement, and stats – your local network shares with other players. If you’re playing Anthem with the maximum four players, you’ll use more data than if you’re playing online single player, for example.
  • Voice chat uses up to an additional 60 MB of data per hour of chat, so you’ll use much less data if you disable voice chat while you play.
  • Most servers have a tick rate of either 64 or 128 Hz. A 64 tick server refreshes the game 64 times a second, or approximately once every 15 milliseconds. A 128 tick server syncs with clients 128 times a second or once every 8 milliseconds – it also uses about twice as much data. To save data, choose community servers with lower tick rates.
  • The client update rate is how many times per second your computer can process updates from the game server. The update rate of your game will be whichever is lower: your server tick rate or client update rate. Limit the client upate rate in your settings to reduce online data use, even when you’re playing on a game server with a high tick rate.
How much data does Anthem use
Image from BioWare

Upgrade to an unlimited data plan

With a fixed wireless internet plan, you can spend hours and hours playing Anthem – even if you’re located in a rural area that doesn’t have access to cable internet.

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