How Much Data Does Amazon Prime Video Use?

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By: Stephen Kota

How Much Data Does Amazon Prime Use?

From the latest episode of Walking Dead to the newest Academy Award nominees, there’s plenty of video content to explore on Amazon Prime Video. If you’re using the streaming service on a limited mobile broadband connection, however, your monthly data cap might not be up for the task.

Let’s take a closer look at how much mobile data you use to stream or download video content on Prime Video. When you know how much data Prime Video uses, you can make informed decisions about when and how you watch videos online.

Video Quality and Format Options on Prime Video

Data use depends on video quality. A sharper, richer audio-visual experience uses more data than a standard audio-visual experience. There are several video quality and format options (some more standard and others more immersive) available on Prime Video:

  1.  Standard Definition (SD) video has the same 480p display resolution as a DVD. It uses MPEG digital stereo sound, which is like CD quality.
  2. High Definition (HD) video has a display resolution of up to 1080p, which is like Blu-ray quality. It uses 5.1 multi-channel audio for an enhanced sound experience.
  3. Ultra-High Definition (UHD or 4K) video has a display resolution that is approximately four times greater than HD. UHD is 3840p x 2160p and 4K is 4096p x 2160p.
  4. High Dynamic Range (HDR) video has a more vivid, lifelike quality due to increased color range and enhanced contrast between highlights and shadows.

Learn more about these video quality and format options, including which options are available on which devices.

How Much Data Does Amazon Prime Video Use?

Prime Video Data Use Per Hour of Video Streaming

It’s easy to spend hours on Prime Video, thanks to its wide selection of new releases (including episodes of current television series) and classic content like The Wire, Downton Abbey, and SpongeBob SquarePants. Here’s how much data you use streaming on Amazon Prime Video, based on the video quality:

Data Use on Prime Video Per Hour

Standard Definition (SD) High Definition (HD) Ultra-High Definition (UHD)
Per hour 800 MB 2 GB 6 GB

How Much Data Does Prime Video Data Use? Per-Video-Download

When you download video content from Prime Video, you can watch it offline. If you have a slow connection, downloading the video eliminates any lags you have while streaming the video. Also, if you’re planning to watch the content more than once, downloading the video uses less data than streaming the video multiple times.

Prime Video makes it easy to see how much data you’ll use downloading any video content on the platform. If the movie, episode, or series is available for download, you’ll find the download button under the stream button. Once you click the download button, a screen will pop up telling you the exact download size for each video quality option.

To Reduce Data Use, Lower Video Quality

If you’re short on data, Prime Video gives you a choice. Select lower-quality video playback to use less data streaming or downloading content:

  • To change the default streaming quality on Amazon Prime Video, navigate to “Settings” > “Amazon Video Settings”> “Stream & Download” > “Streaming Quality.”
  • When you download a video from Prime Video, you’ll always be prompted to choose a download quality: “best,” “better,” or “good.”
Learn more about managing your Prime Video data use.

4G LTE Plans for Amazon Prime Video

With an installed mobile broadband connection, your household can watch Prime Video on multiple screens, including phones, tablets, laptops, and televisions. Any device within range of your wireless router can connect to installed mobile broadband over WiFi, even devices that don’t connect directly to 4G LTE.

To figure out which data plan is right for you, estimate the time everyone in your household spends watching Netflix during an average month. Then, choose the data plan that supports that amount of streaming or downloading. Here’s how much Prime Video you can get out of each of our 4G LTE data plans:

Maximum time on Prime Video per month per data plan

Standard Definition (SD) High Definition (HD) Ultra-High Definition (UHD)
4G LTE, 75+ GB 94 hours/month 38 hours/month 13 hours/month
4G LTE, 100+ GB 125 hours/month 50 hours/month 17 hours/month
Unlimited 4G LTE Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

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