How to get Wi-Fi in your camp or hunting cabin

Hunting Cabin Plans_Wireless options for your hunting cabin

Most camps and hunting cabins are too far from the local hub to access a wired internet connection. Luckily, there’s a wireless solution for these remote retreats. By installing mobile broadband in your camp or hunting cabin, you can create a secure, private Wi-Fi network that’s powered by mobile data.

Installed mobile broadband is, often, all you need to stay connected with the outside world while you’re “upta camp.” With a download speed of up to 40 mbps and an upload speed of up to 8.5 mbps, mobile broadband is fast enough to support video streaming, online gaming, and VoIP.

Here’s how you can install a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection in your camp or hunting cabin:

1. Find the nearest cellular tower to your camp or cabin.

To locate the carrier(s) that cover your camp or hunting cabin, find the nearest cellular tower on a source like or search for your location on the Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile coverage maps. Although you likely won’t have many carriers to choose from, you can connect to any tower that’s less than 45 miles away.


2. Select a data plan from the nearest carrier.

Once you know which carrier offers the best coverage in your location, it’s time to choose a data plan from that carrier that fits your needs. Unless you’re spending a lot of time at your camp or hunting cabin, you probably don’t need a huge amount of monthly data. We’d suggest going with a less expensive, more limited plan, like our 4G LTE 75 Gig+ Plan.

Feel free to contact EVDODepotUSA at 866-439-6630 if you aren’t sure which plan would work best for you. 

3. Install the wireless router in your camp or cabin.

Because most wireless routers are plug and play, installing a mobile broadband connection in your camp or hunting cabin is pretty straightforward:

  • If you purchase a data plan through EVDODepotUSA, your mobile broadband connection will come pre-installed on a wireless router. Otherwise, you might need to purchase a wireless router and then insert the SIM card into the router.
  • Plug your wireless router into a power source and then follow the manufacturer’s instructions to turn it on. Once it powers up, the router should automatically connect to your carrier’s mobile network.

4. Install an optional booster antenna in your camp or cabin.

Very remote locations, like camps and hunting cabins, need all the support they can get from internet hardware. A directional booster antenna, like our Super Duo-Yagi MIMO Antenna, connects directly with the nearest cellular tower. This dedicated connection minimizes signal loss between the tower and your router and boosts your internet speeds.

To access the highest gains, you’ll need to install your directional antenna carefully and precisely. For tips on installing a directional booster antenna, check out this blog post.


Ready to get Wi-Fi in your camp or hunting cabin? Check out our data plans or contact EVDODepotUSA at 866-439-6630 for more information.