EvdoDepotUSA Unveils New Logo, Winter Deals

Contact:Stephen Kota
Website: https://www.evdodepotusa.com
Phone: 866-439-6630
Email: Stephen.Kota@

Celebrate our new logo with us by taking advantage of our winter deals. Unlimited 4G Lte for $119/month – Savings of $20.00 Monthly, just in time for the holidays.

Here, at EvdoDepotUSA, we’re always looking for new ways to combine innovative internet technology and rural tradition. Rural internet is, after all, what we do. This time around, we found a way to combine technology and tradition into an exciting, new logo for our growing brand.

Our new logo represents everything we do: provide fast, unlimited mobile broadband (that’s the “Evdo” to rural and suburban communities all over the continental United States (that’s the “USA”). Oh, and we do all of this from our cozy office in coastal Massachusetts (that’s the “Depot”)

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Celebrate our new logo with us by taking advantage of our exciting winter deals. From 15 November to 15 December, pick up an Unlimited 4G LTE Wireless Plan for the low subscription price of $119/month. This fantastic deal applies to new subscriptions only. Our relationship with the three largest cellular providers in the United States enable our team to provide rural communities an unlimited 4G Lte broadband service and a Machine-to-Machine wireless service for vending machines, POS systems, digital signs, ATMs, food trucks and internet back-up that is second to none.




To take advantage of this promotion, call us at 866-439-6630 or reach out to us at


If your business is too far from the local internet hub to qualify for cable or DSL service, EvdoDepotUSA is here for you. Aside from unlimited 4G LTE, we provide a wide range of wireless internet solutions for consumers, businesses, vending machines, digital signs, internet fail-over, ATMs, and other remote ventures.