When Does My Business Need a Failover Connection?

business need a failover connection

When does a business need a failover connection? When system maintenance or bad weather brings down your business’s internet connection, do you have a backup plan? Without access to your online payment system, you might not be able to make sales. Without an online security system, your business might not be able to prevent thefts. Without critical online applications, employees might not be able to serve customers or clients. The cost of an internet outage, in both revenue and consumer trust, adds up quickly.

Fortunately, you can keep your business running when disaster hits by installing a “redundant” wireless internet connection that kicks into gear when your primary wired connection goes offline. A failover gives you uninterrupted access to the online applications you need to run your business. With a wireless failover, you’ll never lose access to your online payment systems, your security systems, or your employee/customer management software.

To understand why your business might benefit from an internet failover, let’s take a closer look at the effect an internet outage can have on revenue, as well as consumer trust.

Business Interruptions are Revenue Sucks

In lost revenue, lost inventory, and lost productivity, the financial cost of an internet outage adds up quickly. In fact, for every hour the average small to medium-sized business operates without internet, it loses between $8,580 and $74,000. Every time an internet outage forces your business to scale back operations or temporarily close, you take a significant financial hit.

While business interruption insurance will compensate you for interruptions caused by, for example, natural disasters, it typically doesn’t cover interruptions of less than 72 hours. Because many internet outages last one day or less, it doesn’t make sense to rely completely on business interruption insurance in this situation. Instead, protect your business with an internet failover that prevents unnecessary interruptions due to internet outages.

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Technical Issues Undermine Consumer Trust

The days of blaming technology for a bad customer experience – and having customers accept that excuse – are over. Today, customers expect your business to have its technology under control. If your business can’t deliver a product or service because your internet is down, your customers may lose trust in your business and, as a result, in your product or service.

Many customers will simply walk away if your business can’t provide a seamless technological experience, including a seamless online experience. While it’s obviously impossible to fulfill online orders without internet access, in-person purchases also take a hit when your internet is down. When customers don’t have access to the convenience of mobile payments, for example, in-person card sales dip by between 10% and 15%. To maintain consumer trust and loyalty, it’s important to consistently provide the online services your customers have come to expect.

If you work with clients, not customers, it’s extra important to prioritize consumer trust since you’re probably working with a smaller group of people. Often, clients don’t have the luxury of – for example – postponing projects because an internet outage forced you to miss a deadline. Protect your reputation as a reliable manufacturer, service provider, or business partner by installing a failover internet connection that ensures you’re always there for your clients.

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