Solar Monitoring Lamp/Camera

Solar Power Street Lights let you take ligh where the traditional grid can't go, with advantages that the grid can't offer. Our solar lighting and camera monitoring solutions are reliable, rugged, and resilient. They draw from the endless power of the sun making them right for an almost limitless list of appllications.

Solar Monitoring Lamp All In One

Solar panels specification

Model: YT33D-5V-30W30AH/YT33D-12V30W45AH
Solar panel specification: Polysilicon 30W/5V/6A
Solar panel size: 350*600mm
Battery capacity: 30AH/45AH
Battery specification: 32700/26650 lithium iron phosphate battery
Input voltage: 5V
Maximum input current: 20A
Output voltage: 5V/12V
Maximum output current: 2.5A
Operating  temperature: subzero 25°C-60°C
Operating humidity: 10-90%

Indicator status:

  • Charge indicator: green
  • Battery level indicator:
    • blue light means  50-100%
    • yellow light means  20-50%
    • red light means less then 20%

Size: 90x60x65cm

Lamp Solar

4G camera specification

Camera size: 200*190*130mm
Camera weight: 542g
Main control chip: T31
Sensor: 2063 1/2.7" CMOS sensor
Effective pixels: 300w
Visual angle: 4mm
4G model: ASR
SIM card: Nano SIM (Chinese Mainland version Telecom SIM card). Foreign version can be customized
TF card storage capacity: max 128G

Core selling points of the product:

  1. Audible and visual alarm of the red and blue lights;
  2. Optional 10x electronic zoom;
  3. Intelligent humanoid tracking;
  4. Synchronous display of four pictures;
  5. Mobile detection audible and visual alarm, and APP push at the same time;
  6. Area alarm;
  7. Intelligent dual light sources selection;
  8. Remote voice warning (at the same time, the red and blue lights flash)
  9. Ultra-long endurance (continuous operation on sunny days, continuous operation in rainy days)




Solar lamp specification

Street lamp power: 100W
Solar panel power: 12W/6V/2A
Battery capacity: 8000mAh
Street lamp size: 460*200*52mm
Lamp beads: 2835/80*47

Control mode:
Remote control mode/PIR body sensing mode/light control mode(no light in the daytime, 30% brightness when there is no one in the first three hours of the night, 100% brightness when there is no one in the first three hours of the night, and 30% brightness automatically after one minute; 10% brightness when  there is  no one  in the  next three hours, 60% brightness  when there  is no one in the first  three hours of the night, and 10% brightness automatically after one minute)


YN33D Solar monitoring lamp all in one

Packing list: Solar panel * 1, 4G camera * 1, Solar panel * 1, Bracket * 1, Bracket accessories * 1, Battery compartment * 1, Screw package * 1

Package size: 652x410x206mm
Package weight: 8.5kg