Internet Failover Cases for Different Types of Businesses

Businesses in every industry depend on the internet to serve their customers and clients, both online and in person. From taking online orders to accepting mobile payments and using smart security systems, today’s businesses are connected in more ways than ever before. For many types of businesses, when the internet goes down, their revenue stream goes down with it. To avoid this many businesses are searching for an internet failover plan.

Internet Failover Plans:

A wireless failover option can keep your business online when your primary internet connection fails for any reason. With a failover in place, your business will never lose access to the critical online applications that keep it running. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of businesses we work with – and how an internet failover keeps them running when maintenance, weather, or accidents do their best to take them offline.

Type: Service Businesses

Problem: In ability to use various broadband based application.

Service businesses – including technology companies, companies that offer business services, entertainment businesses, hospitality businesses, and financial service businesses – use the internet every day to provide online services, stay in contact with clients, and manage their day-to-day operations.

Service businesses often use web or cloud-based applications to manage their clients and workflows. Without access to these critical management applications, these businesses grind to a screeching halt. And internet outages don’t just affect the revenue streams of service businesses, they also let down clients who expect consistent access to online services.

Solution: A wireless failover ensures your service business never fails to deliver online services that meet your clients’ expectations – even when an unexpected event takes your primary internet connection offline.

Type: Retail Businesses

Problem: When Retail businesses are unable to execute online sales for mobile payments, use of VoIP phone to contact supply chain can place a dip into your sales, revenue and inventory levels. An internet outage can put a serious dent in retail sales, even for retail businesses

Solution: Keep your retail business’s payment system online at all times with a wireless failover. A failover automatically kicks in when your primary internet connection goes down, which keeps your business connected without interruption.

Type: Home-Based Business

Problem: When the internet goes down in a home office, owners often struggle to keep up with the demands of their clients or customers. Because these businesses are often disconnected physically from both their clients/customers and supply chains, it’s often hard for home-based businesses to keep up with supply and demand without internet access.

Solution: Make sure your home-based business always has access to key work-from-home applications – think VPNs, VoIP, and online chats – with a wireless internet failover.

Type: Food Industry Businesses

Problem: When bars and restaurants loose connectivity, their online applications to manage orders and accept mobile payments from customers get totally disrupted.

If a business uses an online system to manage orders, its waiters, cooks, and bartenders might also struggle to process orders by hand while the system is down, which can introduce stress and confusion to the business atmosphere.

Solution: No one wants their night out at your restaurant or bar to be affected by a bad internet connection, which is why having a wireless failover is an essential part of offering good customer service.

Type: Emergency Services

Problem: Emergency services – including hospitals, doctor’s offices, fire departments, and emergency relief charities – often depend on online applications to deliver critical services to those in need.

During a crisis, wired internet connections are more vulnerable than ever to extreme weather, accidents, vandalism, and sabotage. Unfortunately, losing the internet isn’t an option for emergency service providers, since they need to keep critical (and lifesaving) online applications available to healthcare providers and emergency responders.

Solution: An internet failover can give your business internet access when it needs it most. For emergency service providers, this type of assurance isn’t optional – it’s essential.

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