Farms on Pinterest: The Social Network’s Best Rural Living Pinners

Man In Barn Holding Tablet

Pinterest is a decentralized idea-sharing platform where pins are passed from user to user, often without credit given to the original source. That doesn’t mean Pinterest celebrities don’t exist; popular, knowledgeable contributors are also a crucial part of the Pinterest community. In this guide, we track down the ten pinners who create your favorite country living, gardening, and farming pins.

Pinterest people are of all types. Indeed, there is a pinner for everyone – from the armchair gardener (Country Living Magazine) to the hobby gardener (see Gardening Know How) to the lifestyle farmer (see The Prairie Homestead) to the professional farmer (see Farm Journal) – in our list of exceptional contributors below.

1. Gardening Know How (22,000 followers): Pulled from the blog of the same name, tech-savvy gardeners created Gardening Know How as an accessible question-and-answer resource for new and hobby gardeners. Follow for growing tips by species (both flower and vegetable), weekend giveaways, build it yourself, composting and fertilizing tips, and zoning charts.

Woman Gardening And Holding Tablet

2. Country Living Magazine (443,300 followers): The ultimate country lifestyle pinner, Country Living Magazine’s pinned content supplements its print magazine. Follow for recipes, craft projects, rustic decorating ideas, a Made in America guide, holiday hostessing, and state fair recaps. Like the print magazine, Country Living Magazine’s Pinterest is geared towards rural females.

3. Cabot Cheese (11,500 followers): The New England dairy-farming cooperative uses Pinterest to promote its products, its work, and its philosophy. It is one of many agricultural brands present on the site. Follow for cheesy (literally) recipes, farm profiles, cheese profiles, cow pics, and information about Cabot’s volunteer work.

4. The Prairie Homestead (97,900 followers): One of many popular homesteading pinners, The Prairie Homestead chronicles times on a rural Wyoming homestead and provides advice for other homesteaders. Follow for cow breeding tips, canning recipes, home remedies, farming checklists, fermentation techniques, and livestock pics. This versatile pinner covers both the practical and philosophical aspects of back to the land.

5. Tennessee Farmers Cooperative (3,100 followers): The Tennessee Farmers Cooperative’s boards focus on history, heritage, food (of course), and the rural Tennessee lifestyle. Follow for back issues of the Tennessee Cooperator magazine, farmer profiles, country church profiles, product testimonials, “Ag Inspiration,” and videos of the cooperative’s past events.

Man In Field Holding Basket Of Eggs

6. Fresh Eggs Daily (24,000 followers): Predictably, this popular pinner is all about chickens (and a little about ducks). Follow for backyard chicken care, chicken health care and home remedies, egg profiles, scientific studies, and nutrition information. Fresh Egg Daily’s guides are straightforward answers to questions like how to check if an egg is fertile and how to secure chicken coops against predators.

7. American Farming (Bayer CropScience US) (1,700 followers): Yep, chemical company Bayer CropScience is on Pinterest. Besides using the site to promote their products to farmers, the company pins information about its public outreach programs including its bee health initiative and its #Thankful4Ag campaign. Follow for product demos, scientific research, rotation crop guides, biotechnology debriefs, and crop facts.

8. FROM SCRATCH Magazine (11,400 followers): Another homesteading favorite, FROM SCRATCH is the free online magazine for homsteadites that is also a Pinterest pinner. Follow for herbs, recipes (from scratch, of course), essential oils, sustainable community development, sewing, do-it-yourself, and complementary magazine content from FROM SCRATCH.

9. Farm Journal (1,500 followers): This 135-year-old agricultural journal isn’t showing its age. It’s on Pinterest right alongside the two-year-old journal above. You can expect sensible, helpful, and knowledgeable pinning from this industry patriarch. Follow for “$100 Ideas” (think irrigation, think tractor maintenance, think planter wiring), tractors, machinery, and farm humor.

10. Farmers’ Almanac (7,800 followers): Farmers have spent nearly two centuries thumbing apprehensively through this classic long-range weather predictor. Now the apprehension comes to Pinterest. Follow for the seasonal weather outlook, hearty recipes, weatherizing techniques, and memorable holiday weather event throwbacks.

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