EvdoDepotUSA Delivers Unlimited Internet Access to the Rest of You

We believe that the Internet should be available to everyone, and that does not just include urban dwellers that happen to live within the service area of cable companies. If you live in a small town or rural area, you might still rely upon slow, flawed and expensive satellite Internet or even outdated dialup connections, but you should know that you might have a better alternative. At EvdoDepotUSA, our mission has always been to deliver blazing fast and unlimited Internet access to as many people as possible.

What’s Different About Our Wireless Internet Service?
You probably already know that outdated dialup connections can’t deliver the speed you need to enjoy streaming video and online games

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. So-called unlimited Internet satellite services might seem a little better, but they are not really unlimited at all. After modest usage limits have been reached, the services throttle back your services to slow them down, and that does not deliver a pleasant user experience when you want to watch an online movie or enjoy your video game system.

The Benefits of EvdoDepotUSA Device:
• Streaming Video • Online Gaming
• Video Conferencing • Portability
• Social Networking • And much more….
• Photo exchanging

How Evdo Works

EVDO uses signals from cell phone towers, and this shortens the lag time to almost nothing when compared to satellite signals. Compare our lag time of well under 100 milliseconds with typical satellite Internet’s lag time of well over 1,200 milliseconds. With us, you will not have to suffer through the annoyance of buffering videos or delays in your video gaming experience. Gamers can beat all the top bosses in style with download data speeds from 2 to 6 Mbps depending upon the plan you choose.
Why Not Start Enjoying Unlimited Wireless Internet Right Away?
With an EvdoDepotUSAplan, you can participate in a video conference for work while your spouse enjoys a streaming video and your kids duke it out on their favorite video game system. Nobody has to worry about hitting a data cap and suffering through slowdowns because your unlimited Internet satellite provider has throttled back your data speed. You deserve the same fast and high-quality Internet service that everybody else has, and EvdoDepotUSA can deliver!