EvdoDepotUSA at CES 2019

EvdoDepotUSA at CES Las Vegas 2019

In January, EvdoDepotUSA representatives Chandler Blake and Tanner Wentworth flew to Las Vegas to attend CES 2019, the largest consumer electronics show in the United States. The show, which spans three venues and six days of events, attracts vendors like Samsung, Qualcomm, Verizon, and others focused on the future of wireless internet technology.

At CES 2019, Blake and Wentworth looked for ways to improve and expand the wireless services and products that EvdoDepotUSA offers its customers

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. They visited booths and spoke with vendors to identify which 5G networks and products are most viable at the moment and to find out what the future holds for the Internet of Things (IoT).

5G rising

On the first day of the event, Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg delivered a keynote address where he spoke enthusiastically about the next generation of mobile broadband. Vestberg and other industry leaders say that 5G will trigger a second digital revolution when most wired internet technology is replaced with powerful wireless networks.

Other vendors, notably Qualcomm and Samsung, debuted new 5G technology–including mobile hotspots and a smartphone–during CES 2019. At the end of 2017, the standards body 3GPP introduced the first 5G NR mobile data specifications. Now, carriers and cellular manufacturers are beginning to use these standards the build their devices and networks.

Photo by LG

Advances in the IoT

In the coming year, you’ll see more IoT hardware available in the EvdoDepotUSA online store. IoT, then, was a priority for Blake and Wentworth. “Where Chandler and I really spent most of our time was in the IoT section of the convention,” says Wentworth. “We are trying to diversify what we offer on our website and move into selling smart home devices.”

At CES 2019, vendors showcased the best of the best in IoT technology. Automobile manufacturers, like Bosch and Hyundai, unveiled the latest in internet-connected shuttle and car technology. Kohler Konnect offered immersive smart bathroom experiences for event attendees. Klipsch showcased its impressive new range of smart speakers.

The future is wireless

Some of the more ambitious IoT innovations at CES 2019, like hover bikes and helicopter taxis, won’t be available to the public for at least another decade. While these incredible products aren’t practical at the moment, they demonstrate the enormous potential of 5G to touch almost everything that we use and, particularly, to revolutionize transportation.

Photo by LG

Key takeaways

“The show was awesome and was a great mix of technology coming out soon as well as inventions that will not be commercially available for at least 10 years,” says Blake. Blake, who’s interested in environmentally friendly technology, spent much of his time at CES 2019 testing new devices and networks with high energy efficiency.

“My impressions of the show were all positive,” says Wentworth. “That event is a must see to anyone who is looking to get a sneak peek look at all of the latest and greatest technology before it’s released to the public.”

In the next year, you’ll find IoT products like those we tested at CES 2019, in our online store.