Do Vacation Rentals Require 4G LTE Internet Failover?

vacation rentals require 4G LTE internet failover

Do Vacation Rentals Require 4G LTE Internet Failover?

Do your vacation rental require 4G LTE  internet failover? The average home loses internet for almost 30 hours every year. While most people can live with the occasional internet outage at home, it can be more disruptive at a rental. Renters often contact property managers when the internet is down, creating unnecessary work, and may even leave negative reviews if the property manager isn’t able to quickly resolve the issue.

An internet failover is a backup internet option that keeps your renters online when they lose internet due to network issues like heavy network traffic, damaged cables, system failure, or sabotage. These issues aren’t your fault, but without a failover renters might still blame you.

Do Vacation Rentals Require 4G LTE Internet Failover?

About a quarter of Americans don’t take time off during the holidays. Instead they continue going to the office or transition to work from home on their vacations. Those who choose to work from home while on trips with family or friends need a reliable internet connection in their rental.

An internet outage can create a lot of stress for work-from-home renters, who probably need internet access to work during their stay. An outage could cause their boss to lose faith in remote work, which could sabotage future vacation plans – and if they miss important meetings or deadlines due to an outage at your rental, their jobs and careers could be at risk too.

An internet failover keeps remote workers online, so they can relax and enjoy the time they spend at your rental – and stay productive at the same time. A failover can prevent negative reviews from renters, like these, who see a bad internet connection as a dealbreaker.

Make it Easier to Manage Your Property

Many internet outages are caused by network issues outside of your control, so spending hours troubleshooting the outage with your renters and your internet provider can be a frustrating and futile experience. These outages can drain your energy and leave you feeling badly burnt out.

With an internet failover in place, your renters won’t even notice an internet outage. The internet router in your rental will simply connect to the failover when your wired connection is down, then automatically switch back as soon as it goes online again. With a failover, you won’t be stuck on the phone with your internet provider – they’ll just have to troubleshoot the issue on their own.

Get a Reliable Failover for your Vacation Rental

As internet outages increase around the world, wired internet connections like cable and fiber are less reliable than ever. Wireless connections are less vulnerable to physical damage than these connections, which is why many people use wireless internet as their failover solution.

Fixed mobile internet is the best internet failover for most short-term rentals. Fixed mobile internet is a 5G or 4G LTE connection installed on a wireless internet router that provides a Wi-Fi connection like any other internet router. Like a cell phone or mobile hotspot, this router provides mobile internet over the cellular network – but it’s stronger than a phone or hotspot.

Fixed mobile internet is a reliable failover option, as well as a fast primary internet option for rural rentals in areas without access to cable or fiber internet.

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