Do Tech Businesses Need an Internet Failover?

Tech businesses need an internet failover

Do Tech Businesses Need an Internet Failover?

Almost 75% of businesses experience downtime due to internet outages – and the average business ends up losing more than 40 hours, or five business days, of work every year. To counteract this downtime tech businesses need an internet failover.

Clients often expect tech businesses to be online at all times so they can provide support and other services, but an internet outage can disrupt business and ultimately undermine client trust. Put an end to these interruptions with an internet failover – a backup internet option that keeps you online when your cable or fiber internet connection comes down due to network issues.

Do Tech Businesses Need an Internet Failover?

An internet failover lets you work through network outages, so you don’t lose touch with clients or have to stop providing critical online services when your primary internet connection is offline.

Keep clients happy during an internet outage

For most tech businesses, reliable communication with clients is an important part of the job. Your clients rely on your technical expertise and expect you to have a solution to any issue. When an internet outage forces you to miss meetings or deadlines, it undermines client trust. Even if the outage is out of your control – which it often is – clients can end up blaming you.

While most internet outages only last a few hours, even temporarily losing contact with clients can have lasting consequences on your relationships. An internet failover immediately switches your internet source from a primary to a secondary connection during an outage, so you and your clients never lose access to important online communication channels like Zoom or Slack.

Keep online services accessible

An internet outage can also cut off access to critical online services like support lines. Trying to get these services up and running again can drain your energy and leave you feeling burnt out. If network issues are causing the outage, spending hours troubleshooting the issue with your provider can be a frustrating and futile task that diverts your attention away from your projects.

Why get involved at all if there’s another option? An internet failover lets you work through an internet outage while your provider troubleshoots network issues on their own. A failover can keep critical servers online, so your customers don’t experience interruptions in online services.

Tech businesses need an internet failover

As internet outages increase around the world, cable and fiber internet connections are less reliable than ever. Heavy network traffic, damaged cables, system failure, and intentional sabotage can all bring your connection down. Luckily, wireless connections are less vulnerable to damage, which is why many tech businesses use wireless internet as a failover solution.

Fixed mobile internet is the best internet failover option for most small businesses. Fixed mobile internet transmits online data packets on the same radio frequency bands as cell phones and provides internet access over the 5G or 4G LTE network. This wireless failover is installed on a dual WAN router that provides a much stronger signal than a cell phone or mobile hotspot.

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