Do Commercial Rentals Need an Internet Failover?

If you provide internet with your rental, then you could probably benefit from adding an internet failover that prevents internet outages on your property. An internet failover is a backup wireless internet option that keeps the businesses that rent your space online if heavy network traffic, damaged cables, system failure, or sabotage bring down your primary, wired connection.

A failover makes it easier to manage your property

From tech startups to coffee shops, all types of businesses depend on the internet to serve customers, make sales, and accept payments. For these renters, an internet outage can force a temporary shutdown. In fact, three in four businesses experience downtime due to outages – and the average business ends up losing more than 40 hours, or five days, of work every year.

When the internet goes down, renters often contact their property manager to remedy the issue. Because many internet outages are caused by network issues, spending hours troubleshooting the outage with the business, as well as your internet provider, can be a frustrating and futile experience. Dealing with internet issues can drain your energy and leave you feeling burnt out.

With an internet failover in place, your renters won’t even notice an outage. The internet router in your rental will simply connect to the failover when your primary connection is down, then switch back as soon as it goes online again. With a failover, you have to spend hours on the phone with your internet provider. Sorry, but they’ll just have to troubleshoot the issue alone.

Keep your security system online

Many property owners use internet-connected security systems to monitor and secure their rental properties. These systems let you keep an eye on your rental remotely, but they need an internet connection to work – and one internet outage can take the whole system down.

While internet outages are usually just accidents or planned maintenance, thieves and vandals can also sabotage your connection so they can break into your rental unit undetected. An internet failover keeps your security system online if someone cuts your wired connection during a break in.

Find a reliable failover for your commercial rental

An internet outage can create a lot of stress for the businesses renting your location, which they can end up taking out on you. Even if an internet outage is out of your control – which it often is – the businesses that rent your unit can end up blaming you for lost sales, clients, or customers.

Fixed mobile internet is a wireless internet failover for commercial rentals. This wireless failover is a 5G or 4G LTE connection installed on a dual WAN router that provides a Wi-Fi connection just like any other internet router. This router provides mobile internet over the cellular network like a cell phone or mobile hotspot – but has a much stronger signal than a phone or hotspot.

Fixed mobile internet is a reliable failover option, as well as a fast-primary internet option for rentals in rural areas without access to cable or fiber internet. Start a chat now or give us a call at (866) 439-6630 to find top 5G and 4G LTE failover options from the best no contract carriers.