How Does It Work?

4G LTE and 5G Broadband: How Does It Work?

With installed mobile broadband, you can connect your home or business to the internet using the same wireless technology as a cellphone. Enjoy high-speed WiFi in your home or business, even if you’re too far from the local hub to get cable or DSL.

Evolution Data Optimized (Ev-DO) routers convert 4G LTE signals into WiFi via a powerful built-in modem. With mobile broadband, you don’t need an on-site technician to connect your home to the grid. The “plug-and-play” router is easy to install yourself: just connect the router to a power source, open the nearest device, and enter your password we have E-mailed you.

Since your router doesn’t require a WAN or any other type of ethernet connection, you can plug it in anywhere a power outlet is available in your building. Once you’ve plugged in your device you will be all set. No difficult sim card install, no need to call in and activate your sim, and no need for programming or configuring your device – we have handled all this. Just sit back and enjoy your internet!


  • Internet Backup
  • Food Trucks
  • Remote Video Surveillance
  • Remote Work/Work From Home
  • Online Gaming
  • Video Streaming
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Rural Homes
  • Remote Offices
  • Wi-Fi for Vehicles
  • Students/Remote Learning.