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Mobile Broadband is the Answer to Video Streaming and Online Gaming

Even if your intended usage is streaming video, playing online gaming, conducting home schooling, accessing a virtual private network, browsing your favorite social network or just surfing the internet for the fun of it, Evdo DepotUSA™ provides you high speed mobile broadband that works right off of the cellular towers located in your neighborhood. You can now have access to 3G Unlimited Surfing, 30 GB multimedia, 60 GB multimedia and 4G LTE 30 GB multimedia, 60GB multimedia, 100GB multimedia "Anytime and Anywhere" in rural America!

The mobile broadband works just like your smartphone works. We will ship you a 3G/4G modem (For a 10 Day Risk Free Trial) that works off of the cellular tower located right in your neighborhood. The modem can be wirelessly connected to as many devices as you like or may be connected directly to your computer via an Ethernet cable.

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Get Unlimited Rural T-1 Internet or Business Cable Internet

Even if your intended usage conducting business in your home-office or running a small company, or just require more bandwidth to stream video, play online gaming, conduct home schooling, access a virtual private network, browse your favorite social network or just surfing the internet for the fun of it, Evdo DepotUSA™ provides you Unlimited Business T-1 Internet or Unlimited Business Cable Internet.. If after reviewing the plans and you still have a question about coverage, just give us a call at 1-877-355-0061 to speak to an agent.

If you are sick and tired of bandwidth allocation (capping of bandwidth), high speed Unlimited Rural T-1 Business Internet or Unlimited Business Cable Internet is now available with speeds ranging
from 1 Mbps to 100 Mbps with prices starting at $119.00 for Business
Cable and $249.00 monthly for Business T-1 Internet.

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Latest Generation High Speed Satellite Internet Now Available

Whether you live in the city or the most rural mountainous or highly forested parts of the continental United States, the latest generation of high speed satellite internet is now ready to deploy in any environment at low monthly prices starting as low as $49.99 along with a hardware installation and deployment of $99.99. You have a choice of leasing the equipment or purchasing it outright. You pay nothing until the system is installed and activated. This next generation satellite enables video streaming, social network activities, photo exchange, internet telephony, video conferencing, home schooling and much, much, more.

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Yes, you can get Ethernet over Copper(High-speed connection via fiber) to create a WiFi Network for your immediate neighborhood! It's really easy. It's what we do - Getting high-speed internet to your home and businesses in the rural markets.

Ethernet over Copper is cheaper than T1, but has comparable speeds ranging from 1 Mbps to 50 Mbps.
We can bring in the EoC bandwidth, install a controller and some access points to create a community hotspot that will enable everyone to split the monthly billing and allocate bandwidth per neighbor.
Call us today to learn more about this program - 877-719-9710