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4G LTE, 60 Gig Available For $139.00 Monthly
Unlimited 3G Available For $119.00 Monthly

video streaming Evdo DepotUSA provides rural and remote customers and businesses a high-speed wireless 3G, 4G WiMax and 4G LTE for addresses that do not qualify for DSL or Cable internet services.

So, whether you just moved out to a small town in the mountains, a small condo development out in the plains, a remote oil rig somewhere in Texas, or just looking to stream video and play online gaming out in the country, you now have availability to wireless connectivity ranging from 3 Mbps uplink to 25 Mbps downlink.

Evdo DepotUSA Wireless Internet Offerings:

  • 3G Unlimited | 1Mbps Uplink - 3 Mbps Downlink| $ 119.00 Monthly (Sprint Network)
  • 4G LTE 40 Gigabyte | 3Mbps Uplink - 9 Mbps Downlink| $ 149.00 Monthly (AT&T Network)
  • 4G LTE 70 Gigabyte Monthly| 3 Mbps Uplink - 6 Mbps Downlink| $ 139.00 Monthly (Sprint Network)

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Unlimited Wireless Internet: Online Gaming
and Streaming Video

High-speed wireless internet has become critical to connecting folks that live in rural America to the rest of the world including home schooling, shopping, launching online businesses and engaging in entertainment such as online gaming and video streaming.

If you are going to be using a PlayStation3/4, or a Xbox One/360, you should consider an outdoor booster antenna to help increase your speeds and stabilize your connection to the cell tower. Our reliable wireless 3G and 4G device is portable and can allow you to “get away from it all” and still remain connected! Call Now To Inquire | 877-719-9710

Unlimited Wireless Internet Benefits:

  • Download large files
  • Watch streaming video (Netflix, Red Box, DIRECTV)
  • Play Online Gaming (PS3 and Xbox360)
  • The device is portable (Travel with it)
  • Experience unlimited bandwidth
  • No daily or monthly cap as satellite internet
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) access
unlimited wireless

Blazing Speed from new Wireless Internet Device

Interested in broadband speed with no cable service or DSL required? Evdo DepotUSA presents a new wireless world where 4 devices can be used concurrently at that blinding speed! If you prefer your internet on steroids, Evdo DepotUSA has a wireless plan sure to suit.

Choose from our unlimited or 25GB monthly plan. Installation is a breeze: minimal assembly is required and the product is plug and play. Everything is included, from the indoor antenna to the new 4-port router. Plug that router in and create your own hotspot!
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  • "I never thought I would get high speed internet from a call tower out here in the middle of Vermont! Your unlimited service works for me and my family perfectly! I have been waiting for something like this!"

    Russ E.
    Rutland, VT

  • "My kids can now research their homework assignments on line, and my wife and I stream videos from netflix like never before! A big thanks to the fine folks at Evdo!"

    Jerome T
    Hope, AR

  • "The little modem gear works so well, we are going to start selling it to the surrounding towns. The unlimited download is the main key to this product. We stream Netflix all day long!"

    Scott W.
    Berea, KY

  • "I could never imagine going back to the old gaming days with Nintendo and Sega. We live on a farm in Victoria, TX, and evdo wireless internet has made it possible for me and my kids to play online without getting our butts kicked. This makes satellite look like a grandfather turtle."

    Thomas C
    Victoria, TX

  • "I recently bought a house in the country, seventy miles west of Washington DC, and discovered that there was no cable service in the neighborhood, and no DSL lines. The only way to access the internet, I was told, was by satellite.» Read More

    Bernard Drum,
    near Sperryville, Virginia

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Yes, you can get Ethernet over Copper(High-speed connection via fiber) to create a WiFi Network for your immediate neighborhood! It's really easy. It's what we do - Getting high-speed internet to your home and businesses in the rural markets.

Ethernet over Copper is cheaper than T1, but has comparable speeds ranging from 1 Mbps to 50 Mbps.
We can bring in the EoC bandwidth, install a controller and some access points to create a community hotspot that will enable everyone to split the monthly billing and allocate bandwidth per neighbor.
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