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Remote Monitoring Solutions for Construction Sites

When it comes to monitoring the security and safety of a construction site, builders face a unique set of challenges.
Remote Monitoring Solutions for Construction Sites Not only is it more difficult to secure assets from damage, theft, and vandalism in a construction site, it’s also more difficult to monitor the site without a stable power and internet connection.

Luckily, our remote monitoring solutions for construction sites help you prevent damage to your site from flooding, extreme temperatures, and negligence, as well as theft and vandalism. With our solution, it’s easy to keep your project on track, so that your team can complete the work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With our custom monitoring kits, you can respond immediately to issues that compromise the security and safety of your construction site. Here’s how our solution works:

Wireless water sensors let you know if your water supply or plumbing springs a leak, or if your construction site is flooded.
Wireless temperature sensors notify you if on-site temperatures reach dangerously low or high points.
Wireless smoke alarms alert you immediately if a fire breaks out on the site.
Wireless light sensors light the site when people are around at night, which prevents night-construction accidents and discourages theft and vandalism.
Wireless motion sensors let you know if someone enters the site after hours or if someone enters a restricted area.
Wireless open/close sensors will send you an alert if someone breaks into a trailer after hours.

Our wireless sensors are portable and durable, with ultra-long battery life. At any time, you can move sensors that detect water, temperature, smoke, light, motion, or open/closed doors and windows to a new location or a new construction site. Each sensor comes with a variety of mounting options for more or less permanent installation.

A mobile gateway connects all your sensors, so that you can monitor your construction site remotely from a single mobile app. When the app detects something out of the ordinary, like a trailer door opening after hours, it will let you know immediately with a text or email alert.

Our remote monitoring kits are also completely compatible with our portable 4G LTE installed broadband solutions. These solutions extend a wireless internet connection to sites that don’t have a cable internet hookup.

Prevent Inventory Loss with Remote Monitoring

A single issue, like a fire or a break in, can set back a construction project. With our monitoring kit, you’ll know right away if something goes wrong at your site, even after hours. This gives you time to intervene before an issue becomes a major problem for your project. With our solution in place, you can:

Intervene to prevent water damage from leaks and floods.
Intervene to prevent damage, like frozen pipes, from extreme temperatures.
Intervene to prevent damage, like frozen pipes, from extreme temperatures.
Immediately alert the police department to a break in at your site, even after hours.
Discourage trespassing, theft, and vandalism with light sensors that automatically turn on when they detect motion.

Our Kits are Affordable and Easy to Install

Smart technology makes it more affordable than ever to monitor your construction site remotely. Now all you need is a smart gateway, one or more wireless sensors, and a smartphone to prevent a handful of issues that can set construction back. The cost of the hardware is low, the software is free, and installation is easy.

Our kits are also completely scalable, depending on your needs. A single gateway can support a large number of sensors, so it’s possible to build an expansive network of different sensors that work together. Whether you’re monitoring one small construction site or a network of larger sites, we have a kit to fit your needs.

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If something goes wrong at your construction site, would you like to be able to fix the issue immediately? Do you want peace of mind, knowing you’ll receive an alert if a fire breaks out, the site starts to flood, or someone steps onto your site after hours?

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