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WiFi Supports the Vast Population of Wireless Devices

With the ever growing population of smart wireless devices, we will provide your business the latest in wireless internet to cover every square footage of your business or areas where your customers have to use wireless devices such as iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry or the Palm Treo. All of these smart devices require the use of the wireless standards 802.11a, 802.11b/g/n and 802.11ac family.

Today’s wireless-centric customers will only do business or hang out at businesses that provides them WiFi for free or for a fee. These businesses include coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, condominiums, apartments, campgrounds, RV parks and any public venue. Hence, your business WiFi must be prepare to support the growing population of smart wireless devices.

Smart Hardware and Switches for Faster Connectivity

At Evdo DepotUSA, we will provide your business a “Do It Yourself” wifi kit after analyzing and assessing your wireless requirements such as number of access points, controllers, managed POE switches, surge protectors, uninterrupted power supply and cables. Once, we agree on the requirements, we will then program and configured all of the hardware and device to communicate with one another. Once the testing is completed in our lab, we will then ship you the package which will include a network map for a simple, seamless installation under our guidance.

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WiFi Community

Community WiFi for A Small Sub-Division

If you and your neighbors live in a small community or new sub-division that does not have access to DSL, Cable or 3G and 4G LTE, you community may wish to consider a community wireless internet utilizing commercial grade access points, controllers and PoE switches to provide high speed unlimited service to the neighborhood.

The investment includes getting the community to collaborate to pay for the cost of the build-up, the cost of the recurring monthly cost and monthly network management fee.

The benefits include a managed wifi network where users can watch streaming video, play online gaming, download large files, surf social networks, photo exchange and much more.

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Qualify me for HughesNet as an option

Yes, you can get Ethernet over Copper(High-speed connection via fiber) to create a WiFi Network for your immediate neighborhood! It's really easy. It's what we do - Getting high-speed internet to your home and businesses in the rural markets.

Ethernet over Copper is cheaper than T1, but has comparable speeds ranging from 1 Mbps to 50 Mbps.
We can bring in the EoC bandwidth, install a controller and some access points to create a community hotspot that will enable everyone to split the monthly billing and allocate bandwidth per neighbor.
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