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Wi-Fi For Businesses and Vehicles Supports Coffee Shops, Restaurants and Buses


WiFi for Business is a ‘Do it Yourself’ wireless turnkey system that enables owners and operators of coffee shops, restaurants, bars, marinas, campgrounds and Rv parks to leverage their wifi network to attract, engage and convert users to frequent customers. This action increases the brand’s social engagement and positive revenues flow.

Wi-Fi for Business wireless network maintains features for social engagement and data capturing which enables the collection of user’s email addresses and phone numbers for future remarketing campaigns.

The completed WiFi kit will include the access point(s), the controller, switches, CAT 5/6 cables and a network map with instructions for a self-installation.

Offering Free Wifi builds customer retention


B & B Plan

The WiFi Fire which is meant for larger locations and business types such as RV parks, campgrounds, marinas, urgent care facilities, warehouses, bed and breakfasts, large farms, flea markets, small condos and small offices.

This package covers areas up to 12,000 square feet.

It will include up to four access points, one controller, two POE switches, splash page and enough CAT 6 cables to complete the ‘plug and play’ installation.

The package includes a network map showing placements of all devices within the network including a toll-free number for installation support


Café Plan

The WiFi Café package is designed for a retail enterprise with numerous locations; such as small restaurants, coffee shops, truck stops, small farms, convenient stores, hardware stores or locations with up to 3500 square feet of space.

This turn-key package includes one access point, one controller and one POE switch along with enough CAT 6 cables for the entire installation.

The installation kit includes a network map and a toll free number to speak to an engineer during your installation


Custom Plan

The WiFi Smart Custom is custom-designed for any location that may have the challenges of cement walls, multiple buildings or rooms, poor wireless penetration or large farms that require the internet of Farming Things, infrastructure buildup or hotels /condos with over 25 rooms.

These types of sites are usually over 12,000 square feet. The hardware requirement for this package depends solely on the site survey results. Once the site survey is completed, one of our account managers will email a free quote.

This package will require professional installation.

Please call our technical support line for additional info on the specific package.

Tech Support Line: 877-719-9710

Wireless Dual-Band 3G and 4G LTE Wi-Fi Router for Vehicles

The Evdo 1026 is a 1200 Mbps rugged dual-band 3G/4G LTE Wi-Fi router/gateway designed and built for use in a vehicle. The device comes with LAN ports and supports 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac for the 3G and 4G networks. The devices also include a WAN network VPN tunnel, LAN Wi-Fi security authentication, along with watchdog functions for achieving seamless connectivity. Additional features include a secured network redial to provide users high-speed reliability.


For Buses, Limos, RVs and Terminals


It is designed to be supported by the vehicle power supply which supports 9V~28V. and can effectively prevent equipment damage from vehicles’ power fluctuations.

This is a great wireless solution for train Wi-Fi, RV Wi-Fi, Limo Wi-Fi, Bus Wi-Fi, and truck Wi-Fi, just to name a few applications. This device is widely used for Wi-Fi coverage in locations such as bus station terminals, airport terminals, marinas and public venues.

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