T1 Internet

T-1 For SOHO and Medium Size Business

The Business T-1 or Bonded T-1 is geared for the Small Office Home Office including the medium size business that is looking for a reliable, high productivity and a demanding high speed solution with a guarantee 99% uptime that helps them meet the need of their clients today and tomorrow.

Your T-1 high speed internet solution comes with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that provides a warranty on the uptime and technical support even after hours.

Installation for a T-1 takes anywhere from 2-3 weeks and comes with a choice of a Leased or purchased modem for the customer.

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T-1 or Bonded T-1 Provides High Bandwidth

If a business has a requirement for mission critical broadband service, A T-1 service is the most preferred high speed solution for any business or a very busy home office or small business environment. We have the ability to seamlessly bond multiple T-1 lines to establish a bonded solution that provides from 1 Mbps X 1 Mbps to 12 Mbps X 12 Mbps creating a robust connection for any business that require the following:

Businesses running an email, web, database or software application server
Requires high bandwidth to run critical business applications
Demands the transmission of large video, data and images
Requiring a multi Gigabyte broadband access

T1 Internet

Your Business T-1 or Bonded T -1 Service is provided with the following features:

Fixed IP Address

Fixed IP Address

We provide one fixed IP address or five fixed public IP addresses. The businesses require these IP addresses to run websites, video surveillance cameras, email servers, virtual private networks and other applications.


Service Level Agreement

This is an agreement that states that the T-1 service will have a 24/7/365 days priority support to include Meantime-time to Repair, monthly service availability, installation time frame and data delivery targets.

Installation Support

Prof. Installation & Support

A trained and capable technician will be available to provide support during and after business hours.

Installation Support

Monitoring On the Go

Your E-1 connection will be proactively monitored to make sure it's healthy and functioning properly

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Yes, you can get Ethernet over Copper(High-speed connection via fiber) to create a WiFi Network for your immediate neighborhood! It's really easy. It's what we do - Getting high-speed internet to your home and businesses in the rural markets.

Ethernet over Copper is cheaper than T1, but has comparable speeds ranging from 1 Mbps to 50 Mbps.
We can bring in the EoC bandwidth, install a controller and some access points to create a community hotspot that will enable everyone to split the monthly billing and allocate bandwidth per neighbor.
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