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Wireless M2M/IoT for POS, ATMs, Vending and Gambling Machines


ATM cash machine on 4G LTE

Wireless M2M/IoT for POS, ATMs, Internet Failover, Vending Machines and Gambling Machines is revolutionizing how appliances and devices communicate with one another to derive very complicated solutions from processes that can take humans much longer to complete. The 3G and 4G LTE wireless technology used to facilitate M2M/IoT uses anywhere from 200 Kbps to about 6 Gigabytes per site per month. In the name of affordability, we use cellular connection for all our M2M and IoT applications. In rare cases, we will solicit the service of a satellite internet connection or a fiber connection utilizing a 802.11ac enabled access point from Ubiquiti to extend Wi-Fi coverage over a geographic area for M2M/IoT connectivity.

Planning, Designing, and Deploying a Demo M2M/IoT Installation(s)

To launch a M2M or IoT solution(s) for a client, our engineers define the right hardware and appliance required, data consumption in Kbps, Mbps or Terabytes. Next, we focus on which cellular network (AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile) will be affordable, available, scalable and efficient on how the solution will benefit the client needs. Once the research and planning are exhausted, we then deploy 1-2 demo accounts for a period of 2-4 weeks. During this demo period, data will be collected to determine bandwidth usage and cost.

If the client happens to be an existing M2M/IoT account from a different provider, we will simply get the historical data consumption and provide data pricing and device recommendation for a quick launch.


The IoTs monitoring various devices

Requesting A M2M/IoT Quotation

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SelectBandwidthMonthly Speeds/Mbps
250 MB $14.75 6 M/16 M
500 MB $19.95 6 M/16 M
1 Gig $28.95 6 M/ 16 M
2 Gig $ 37.95 6 M/16 M
3 Gig $ 47.95 6 M/16 M
Router Purchase: $279.00
Router Lease: $24.00
Activation and Set Up Fee: $29.99
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