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What is Evdo wireless technology?

Our network cell tower antenna uses transmitters and receivers to provide service within a specific geographically targeted market. Evdo wireless technology stands for Evolutionary Data Offering and uses the cellular tower technology to send and received broadband signal to a 4-port router in your house. Areas covered by multiple cell sites overlap residential areas for better coverage. Service is portable in coverage areas.

Evdo wireless service is portable, what does that mean?

If we provide service at your neighbor’s house or any target zip codes or address(es) you can use your Evdo wireless device. Our Evdo wireless (modem) is portable in covered areas. It is easy to transport and lightweight making it possible to have the web at your fingertips. However, please keep in mind, in case of an emergency your VoIP Service is linked to your registered address. If you move your Evdo wireless anywhere other than your home 911 will not be notified of this change.

How does Evdo wireless compare to the competition?

We are proud to offer one of the fastest High Speed Internet services available at competitive rates with no  annual contract. In addition, we also offer Customer Care and technical support from 8am to 12 Midnight Eastern Standard Time.

What is VoIP?

Voice-Over Internet Protocol, also called Digital Phone. This is the fast, reliable, affordable, simple and smart way to place and receive calls.

What are the minimum requirements for my computer to work with Evdo wireless?

Our service will work for you no matter what type of computer you have at your home or office. Our Evdo wireless works equally well with PC’s and Macs.

I have a laptop, will Evdo Wireless run on it?

Connect the Category 5/6 cable from the Evdo Wireless modem to the ethernet port on your laptop. Or, you can just use the wireless connection.

I have a desktop computer. Is the Evdo Wireless Cat 5/6 modem compatible?

Yes. Desktop computers are able to be utilized given the minimum requirements are met. Your computer must be located within the coverage area of Evdo Wireless.

Will Evdo Wireless work with Windows, Linux,or Macintosh operating systems?

All Evdo Wireless modems will work with any Windows operating systems that are Windows 98 and above. Macintosh’s will work with the Mac OS X 10.5 and Mac OS X 10.6 operating systems. A Linux operating system is able to be used because there are no drivers needed.

Where can I place my Evdo Wireless device in my home?

For optimal service, please place your  Wireless device in a safe place that is located high up, near a window and away from other wireless devices. There may be interference if specific wireless devices are near one another. (i.e. Wireless keyboards, 2.4 GHZ cordless phone, microwaves, baby monitors, etc.) Do not place your wireless in your basement.

What is the difference between 3G and 4G?

Speed. 4G simply means that internet speed is four times faster than 3G. This means your rural wireless broadband service will be able to access and navigate the internet more efficiently. This makes it ideal for VoIP, online gaming and access to VPN.

Are there any hidden charges or fees?

None. You have your initial provisioning and activation fee of $249.00 that also covers your month to month contract. For your service you are billed $99.00 monthly for the 25 Gigabyte Plan and $119.00 for the Unlimited Plan at the beginning of each contract month .

How am I billed for the service?

Your account is billed each month before usage starts.

How does Evdo wireless billing works?

Your credit on file will be billed each month..

Are there any hidden charges or fees?

None. You have your initial provisioning and activation fee of $249.00 or $279 for the 3G or 4G hardware respectively that also covers your 1 year warranty. For your service you are billed $119 at the beginning of each contract month for a period of one year. After one year, the service agreement is month-to-month.

Is there a contract? How long is it? What if I need to cancel my service before the contract period ends?

There is a 3 month service agreement. If you need to cancel before the one year period has expired, there is a one-time $250 cancellation fee. Please remember that we do offer an unqualified, money-back guarantee during the first 10-day trial period.

What payment methods do you accept?

Currently, we accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and all debit card with the Visa or MasterCard logo.

I just place my order for the Evdo wireless system. When can I expect to receive the product?

Upon signing the one month contract, we will provision and activate the modem and antenna. You will receive the equipment within 5 business days via United Postal Service.

How many computers can be supported on my Evdo wireless system?

The modem comes with 4 ethernet ports. So, you can technically support 4 computers. However, if you add a wireless router, you can support as many computers as you like. But, keep in mind that you will be sharing your bandwidth. More users means less bandwidth per users.

I need help in setting up my email account Please contact technical support at  508-539-3232

My trial period is over and I am in an area that is not within your network. How do I return the Evdo wireless equipment? Please contact customer support at 1.888.929.2372508-539-3232 and they will guide you through the return process.

Is there any warranty that covers the Evdo wireless modem?

Your wireless system has our full warranty coverage. In the event, your system breaks or stops working, you can call our US based technical support center at 1.888.929.2372 to resolve the issue

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