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24 Apr 2015

Use Your 4G Mobile Data on Your Computer, Laptop, or Tablet: All About USB Modems

USB modems (also known as USB dongles) are dedicated devices that supply portable Internet to one other device. USB dongles provide a faster connection than the alternative, mobile hotspots, and are also smaller and, therefore, more portable.


A USB modem is compatible with devices that have a standard USB port – so any computer, laptop, or e-reader, but only some tablets (and never iPads). Some USB modems require a software installation to run.


USB Modems provide a faster connection than mobile hotspots.

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23 Apr 2015
22 Apr 2015

Forget Tethering, There are More Effective Ways to Use 4G LTE on Your Computer, Laptop, or Tablet

In less than a decade, smartphones have revolutionized the ways and the reasons users today go online. The professional, practical, and social benefits of accessing the Internet from anywhere have caused a shift in consumer behavior away from prioritizing wireline (DSL, cable) access towards prioritizing wireless (mobile) access.



Mobile hotspots let travelers surf in commute on their own network

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16 Apr 2015

The Next Generation: Five Things To Know About 5G

The next generation of mobile broadband, 5G, is distant on the horizon. There is still so much untapped potential in 4G LTE (which, theoretically, could reach download speeds of up to 100 Mbps) that 5G is not on any American provider’s priority list just yet. In fact, when Japanese provider Huawei and Russian provider MegaFon announced a partnership with plans to introduce 5G for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, they were met with some skepticism from the industry [1]. Three years just seems too little time to build a network that could significantly surpass the performance of 4G LTE.


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15 Apr 2015

Pew Study: Data Caps are Bad News for Smartphone Users

A study released 1 April by the Pew Research Center shows that data caps kicked one in three smartphone users offline in 2014. The study, conducted at the end of 2014, found that one in three users occasionally maxed out their monthly data and one in seven users frequently maxed out their monthly data [1]. These users were all left without mobile Internet access at some point in 2014.

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07 Apr 2015
01 Apr 2015

HBO Now: HBO Announces New Video Streaming Service for Apple TV

In television, internet is the new cable. On 10 March cable company HBO confirmed this trend by announcing a new video streaming service, HBO Now, available exclusively through Apple TV. HBO Now goes live this April (just in time for the new, highly anticipated season of Game of Thrones) to the tune of $14.99/month.


Unlike HBO’s previous streaming service, HBO Now is available to those without cable or satellite

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01 Apr 2015

Faster Than Fast: Speeding Up a 4G LTE Connection with an Antenna

One of the greatest advantages of EVDO 4G wireless Internet is its portability. Mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops are now the norm when it comes to browsing the internet. In rural areas where Wi-Fi is hard to come by, a portable internet service allows you to check your phone, tablet, or computer wherever you are.

So why invest in stationary hardware like a MIMO antenna for your home?

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31 Mar 2015

How Much Bandwidth Does Online Gaming Use?

The amount of bandwidth online gaming consumes varies widely depending on the console, the game in question, and the settings. As a general rule, the more complex (especially graphically), quick paced, and interactive (between players) a game is the more data it consumes. cc


The X Box Live Support Center offers the following minimal bandwidth requirements for any online gaming: Read More

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30 Mar 2015

Over the Edge: Are Unlimited Internet Services Truly Unlimited?

Unlimited internet is like an all-you-can-eat buffet: purchasing it guarantees that your appetite for data is satisfied, but you might consume more or less than what you paid for, and, if you overindulge too often, you’ll start getting bad service.

For the vast majority of users (usually 95%), an unlimited plan means virtually limitless access to fast, reliable internet, i.e. the perfect buffet experience. For heavy users (usually 5%), however, providers offset their heavy use by slowing their connections, punishing their data consumption with bad service. For these users “unlimited” is anything but. Read More

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